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23 июня 2021 г. 05:32

Various Types Of Marine Lights

In general, as a product used for marine lighting, it is necessary to specially purchase. Marine lights include a flushing light, a walkway light, an emergency light, a deck operation lighting, a searchlight for a remote search, an explosion-proof light, the mobile lighting used in temporary workplaces. In order to meet the requirements of different vessels, it is necessary to learn different categories of marine lighting and their characteristics.

Ceiling Lights

fluorescent ceiling light

The common marine ceiling lights include a ceiling light with a square cover, a spherical ceiling light, a pointed round ceiling light, a semi-rounded ceiling lamp, a small ceiling lamp with a long square cover, etc. Marine lighting manufacturers provide wide-use boat ceiling lights, suitable for various ship rooms, emphasizing that as long as there is a ceiling, it is possible to install, with simple installation and styles.

Explosion-proof lighting

explosion proof flood light

Explosion-proof lighting is designed to meet the illumination of dangerous sites with inflammable gas and dust. The LED lighting unit meets the harshest environmental specification of gas group hydrogen. It can prevent sparks and high temperature inside the lamp to ignite the combustible gas and dust in the surrounding environments. According to the difference of light source, it can be classified into explosion proof incandescent light, high-pressure mercury light, fluorescent light, LED light.


marine LED searchlight

Marine search lights become more affordable and much more efficient with the recent vast improvements in LED technology to satisfy your boat lighting requirements. The searchlight is widely used for ship illumination and searching for night navigation, life-saving and warning.

Signal Lights

LED marine navigation lights

Marine signal lights allow other boats to determine the type and relative angle of a boat and thus decide if there is a danger of collision. The navigation light should fulfill the applicable rules for the cruise vessel with impact resistance and high energy efficiency. Easy installation and various mounting options ensure flexibility, time savings and increase the safety of crew members. The efficiency and life span of LEDs continues to improve, and LED luminaires are virtually maintenance-free.

Energy-saving lighting

The energy-saving lighting a wide-use marine light. It has superior brightness, longer service life than the general incandescent bulbs, especially outstanding in power-saving. There’re various types of energy-saving lamps with U-shaped, spiral, petal-type, etc, with power from 3 watts to 40 watts. The ship pendant lights and ceiling lights can generally install energy-saving lamps.

Wall Light

The common marine wall lights with double-headed magnolia wall lights, double head olive wall lights, double-head drum wall lights, double lace cup wall light, mirror front wall light, etc. Good boat light manufacturers will supply superb quality custom wall lights, the installation height of which can be adjusted as needed.

Marin lighting, which is necessary boat equipment, provides bright illumination for ship navigation and transmits different signal information. Marine lights should have high stability, good tolerance and high standard quality.

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