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10 июня 2021 г. 07:33

Development Trend Of Solvent-free Adhesives For Flexible Packaging Industry

In the flexible packaging color printing composite industry, the solvent-free adhesive will be the direction of future development, affecting the development trend of the flexible packaging industry. As the enhanced awareness for environmental protection and the importance for the safety of food packaging, how to reduce costs and improve competitive advantage, producing the commodities conforming to the hygienic requirements for food packaging, is the problem of most food manufacturer concerning. The promotion of solventless adhesive in the market is in line with this trend. In Europe, the solvent-free adhesive has a share of 40% in the flexible packaging composite adhesive market.

High-temperature resistant solvent-free adhesive

The universal solvent adhesive is suitable for general flexible packaging composite applications, not suitable for cooking with a temperature above 100 ° C . Usually the solventless adhesive can be classified into 3 grades. Low-grade type is generally used for dry content packaging with lightweight and simple structures. Medium grade type is typically applied to multi-layer composite products which can withstand load or having a liquid content and is resistant to cooking and steaming. High-grade types could have adhesive applications with certain tolerances. Currently, the solvent-free adhesive is rarely used for high-temperature cooking, but the solventless composite material completely replacing the dry composite material and developing high temperature resistant solventless adhesive will be inevitable trends.

Two-component coating solvent-free adhesive

Two-component coating solvent-free adhesive is developed in 2016. The so-called two-component coating, that is, a primary agent, a curing agent, is a separate coating, when the two-component adhesives are mixed, the curing reaction is rapidly generated and the corresponding mechanical strength is achieved. The entire composite process does not require an ultraviolet lamp. It is a new type of flexible packaging composite technology. It has been widely concerned in the flexible packaging industry, mainly because it has the advantages of separate coating, quickly curing at normal temperature, easy to operate. It is clear that the two-component coating type will become the trend of solvent-free adhesive in the future.

Solvent-free adhesives are the trend and direction of flexible packaging composite adhesives, with the advantages of high efficiency, environment-friendly, lost-cost, no residual solvent, high safety, and high initial adhesion.

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