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10 июня 2021 г. 06:20

Why Select Solvent-free Adhesives For Flexible Packaging Industry

Environmentally friendly, High efficiency will be the main trend of future packaging industries. In terms of composite adhesives, solvent-free adhesives will replace traditional solvent-based adhesives, which has become a consensus of the packaging industry. The solvent-free adhesive is more widely used in the flexible packaging industry.

What Are Solvent-free Adhesives

Solvent-free adhesives are a viscous substrate, which can connect together by means of their viscosity. They are viscous liquid at normal temperatures, such as an epoxy resin which Is one of the most important auxiliary materials and has extremely wide applications in the packaging industry. Solvent-free adhesive mostly is adopted for the solventless laminating machine, also can be used on existing solvent drying compound equipment which is suitable for many color printing plants to improve the high residual solvent, reducing production costs, no need to input new equipment.

solvent-free adhesive

Composite adhesive for flexible packaging is constantly undergoing technical improvement and innovation. The new type of solventless adhesive performance can completely meet the dry composite requirements among the most flexible packaging materials and can be used on a solvent dry compound machine. It can meet the requirements of drug & food packaging.

Features And Advantages Of Solvent-free Adhesives

Solvent-free adhesive is an ideal replacement for solvent adhesive.

1. Effectively reducing the residual solvent

Since it is a solvent-free adhesive, the adhesive itself does not bring the second solvent contamination, the printed film can further decrease the residual solvent when passing through the drying oven, adopting a solventless adhesive is quite effective to control residual solvent.

2.High initial adhesion

The high initial shear strength of solventless adhesives makes it possible for real-time slitting and delivery without curing. This performance is quite effective for shortening delivery time.

3.Relatively low cost

Usually, the required coating amount is 1.6g to 2.4 g per square meter, not any solvent used, so its composite cost per square meter will significantly lower than solvent-based composite.

4.Improving the working environment, reducing pollution, reducing work strength, and avoiding the risk of the fires

Since the solventless adhesive does not need to be diluted, it can be directly used for production, reducing the labor of the operating worker and also avoiding the concentration of solvent in air, which is advantageous for workers. Of course, without the existence of solvent, it also can avoid the hidden risks of fire.

5.Effectively reducing the occurrence of quality accidents

With a solventless composite product, it can directly see the quality of the product. Only the appearance and composite intensity of the product should be carefully checked when going off the production line. After a period of time, as the increase of adhesive composite strength among the adhesive molecules, the appearance will become better. For the composite of the aluminized product, the solventless adhesive can effectively prevent aluminizing transfer.

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