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9 июня 2021 г. 07:45

Benefits Of Solventless Laminator Applied In Flexible Packaging Industry

Solventless laminator adopts green environment-protection technology. It has occupied a high market share in Europe and the United States, accounting for 80% to 90% of the composite machine. It can ensure the non-pollution of the composite packaging of food & drugs, increasingly applied to the composite film packaging industry and the flexible packaging industry.

Solventless laminator has many advantages such as reducing cost, improve product quality, environmental protection, safety and stability production, which has a high production practical value.

1.Taking the S1 L90 series solventless lamination machine as an example, solvent composite is safer and more healthy, compared with the ordinary dry compound process, 100% of the adhesive can be achieved when using S1 L90 Series laminator, because there is no solvent composite in the production process, avoiding the use of organic solvents, at all solve the residual solvents problem. Solvent-free composite is a healthier composite process. And there is no solvent residue, reducing the contamination of packaging content, especially for the packaging of food, pharmaceuticals, etc.

solventless lamination machine -Sı L90 series

2. Solventless composite equipment can reduce production costs. It doesn’t have a drying channel, so the structure is compact, with small occupied space. The equipment cost is low, which can significantly reduce the cost of composite film production.

3. In general, the coating amount solvent-free composite is usually from 1.3-1.8 g / m2, while dry composite is 2.5-4 g / m2, and therefore, the amount of adhesive consumption can be reduced by about 50% compared to dry composite. Although solvent-free glue has a higher price, the overall raw material cost can also decrease by about 20%.

4. There’s no solvent-type adhesive and can reduce energy consumption. At the same time, eliminating the long-time volatility of the solvent adhesive in a drying oven.

5. Solvent-free machine has a high-speed composition production line and the highest speed can reach 480m/minute, generally approximately at 300m/minute, with high production efficiency.

6. The structure of the solvent lamination machine is compact with fewer operators, reducing labor costs.

7. Solvent-free composite has a high safety and fire and explosion risk can be reduced to the minimum. The factory and production workshops do not require special measures for fire prevention, explosion-proof.

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