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8 июня 2021 г. 10:02

High Holding Power Anchor With Great Gripping Force

The anchor has a large holding power to weight ratio, so it is called a high holding power anchor. The gripping force is more than two times larger than the ordinary stockless anchor of the same weight. There are Martrosov anchor, Danforth Anchor, Schdringer anchor, Staccato anchor, etc.

A high holding power anchor is classified into a stocked anchor and a stockless anchor. Its general feature is that the anchor fluke is wide and long with deep gnawing soil, good stability.

1.Stocked high holding power anchor

The typical kinds of this anchor are the Danforth anchor and Steven anchor.

The anchor head is provided with a stabilizer bar to ensure stability, generally suitable for more soft substrates, with inconvenient storage, so this type of HHP anchor is suitable for engineering ships and small ships.

Danforth anchor

The Danforth anchor is also known as swallow anchor and the anchor fluke is rotated about 30 ° back and forth. The holding power to weight ratio is generally greater than 10, mostly used in engineering vessels.

danforth anchor

Steven anchor

The anchor has a short and large fluke, and the maximum angle of the anchor fluke can be adjusted by the movable wedge mounted on the anchor rod to accommodate a variety of substrates. The holding power to weight ratio is 17 to 34, widely used as a positioning anchor for oil platforms.

2.Stockless high holding power anchor

The stockless HHP anchor is developed by the stock HHP anchor. It has improved the anchor fluke of the stockless anchor. The typical stockless high holding power anchor is the AC-14 anchor developed by the United Kingdom and the Boer anchor developed by the Netherlands.

AC-14 anchor

The AC-14 anchor is a commonly used anchor. The anchor fluke can have an allowable deviation for the left and right corner within 1 degree. AC-14 anchor is a casting anchor with black painting surface treatment. It has the advantages of stable structure, thick and wide flukes, adaptability to various substrates, rapid gnawing, high gripping stability with holding power to weight ratio ranges from 12 to 14. So it is commonly used as the bow anchor in the large ship or ro-ro ship.

AC-14 anchor

Boer anchor

The Boer anchor also called TW type anchor or N type anchor. It has smooth and sharp anchor flukes, with the advantages of adapting to a variety of substrates, high stability, convenience for dropping and weighing anchor, easy for storage, suitable for the bow anchor in a large ship and positioning anchor in a workship.

TW type anchor

The high holding power anchors, which include Danforth anchor, AC-14 anchor, TW type anchor, etc, have the advantages of great gripping force, deep gnawing, high stability, commonly used in a wide variety of ships.

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