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25 мая 2021 г. 07:39

Trustworthy Tungsten Carbide Rod Manufacturer - XYMJ

XYMJ has more than 20 years of experience in researching and manufacturing tungsten carbide products such as carbide wire drawing dies, carbide plates & strips, tungsten carbide mining tips, carbide buttons, carbide circular blade and other much more customized tungsten carbide wear parts. XYMJ manufactures tungsten carbide rods with 100% virgin material, advanced sintering furnaces, high-precision grind machines, high stability and high performance guaranteed.

tungsten carbide rod

Advantages of XYMJ tungsten carbide rod

1. It adopts high-quality ultra-fine tungsten carbide and imported cobalt powder as raw materials.


2. Standardized production technology using the advanced low-pressure sintering technique.

3. It has high strength and high hardness.

4. It has excellent red hardness, good wear resistance, high elastic modulus, high bending strength, superior chemical stability with high resistance of acid, alkali, high-temperature oxidation, superb impact resistance, low expansion coefficient.

5. It is manufactured with high-tech precision advanced equipment which is a low-pressure sintering furnace.

6. It is produced by a unique new process with the vacuum high temperature and high-pressure sintering. The pressure sintering is adopted at the finish time, which greatly reduces the porosity, improves the density and the mechanical properties of the product.

7. carbide rod has many material grades, which can adapt to different applications with complete specifications and precious carbide blank size which can reduce processing volume and improve productivity.

Tungsten carbide rod has the advantages of good HRC, high strength, excellent wear resistance, high chemical stability, etc, which is one of the preferred materials of the drill, end mills and milling cutters, widely used in various machining industries. XYMJ is one of the most trustworthy carbide rod manufacturers, with premium quality products, various types, high-precision equipment and competitive prices.

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