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25 мая 2021 г. 06:33

What Is Tungsten Carbide Rod

tungsten carbide round bars

Tungsten carbide rod, also called carbide round bar, is the preferred material for metal cutting tool manufacturing, widely used in the industries which has high requirements for wear-resistance, corrosion-resistance and high-temperature resistance. It has a lot of outstanding performance.

Tungsten carbide rod, as named as cemented carbide rod, is a high-hardness, high-strength and high-hardness material which has a major raw material of WC, with other metals and paste phases using powder metallurgical methods through low-pressure sintering.


Carbide rod is mainly suitable for drill, end mills and milling cutters, widely used for cutting, stamping and measuring tools, such as the micro-drill of the PCB industry, the electrode rod of the photoelectric communication, tungsten steel drill bit, drill handle, push rod, precision wear-resistance parts of the mechanical processing industry. It is the best material for the CNC milling cutter and machining cutter with hole.

carbide rod mainly is applied to the precision cutting of non-ferrous metals, YG6X and YG10X which are submicron grain grade, fiberglass reinforced plastic, titanium alloy, YG8X which is ultra-hard steel fine grain grade.

The Categories Of Tungsten Carbide Rod

Tungsten carbide rod with straight holes is available, including one, two, three holes, which has a spiral straight line with 30 degrees or 40 degrees or twisted. carbide rods also has the type of non-hole.

According to the structure, a tungsten carbide rod can be classified into a PCB tool, a solid tungsten carbide bar, a single straight-hole bar, double straight-hole bar, a two-spiral bar, three-spiral bar, and other types.

According to the molding process, carbide rods can be classified into two types of extrusion molding and compression molding. The difference is that the extrusion carbide rod and bars have a beautiful appearance, easy for grinding processing. The advantage of the molded bar is that the density is relatively uniform, but it is not conducive for grinding processing.

For a more professional introduction, please visit the article page of tungsten carbide rod as the preferred material for metal cutting tool

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