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27 апреля 2021 г. 05:12

What Are The Common Applications Of Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten carbide is widely used in various industries due to its unique high hardness and strong wear resistance. What are its common applications?

1.Cutting tools

tungsten carbide tips

Tungsten carbide can be used as a variety of cutting tools. Because of its high hardness and strong resist compression performance, tungsten carbide is one of the best material choices for cutting tools. The tungsten carbide cutting tools include carbide drill bits, small circular saw blades, carbide rotary burr and so on. As the material of cutting tools is the most widely used field for tungsten carbide.

2. Mining tools

carbide buttons

The cemented carbide for mining accounts for about 30% of the total tungsten carbide production. Thanks to the high hardness, strong impact toughness, outstanding bending strength and excellent wear resistance, carbide mining tools are usually applied in geological exploration drill bits, roller cone drills and coal cutters for petroleum and gas fields, engineering excavation road tools, percussion drilling in the building materials industry.

3. Tungsten steel mold material

tungsten carbide wire drawing dies

Under normal circumstances, the proportion used in the manufacturing of various molds accounts for about 8%, which includes carbide drawing dies, cold heading dies, cold punching dies, cold extrusion dies, hot forging dies and drawing mandrels. Usually, the cemented carbide applied for making molds is selected from medium and high cobalt, coarse grain grades.

4. Wear parts

Carbide nozzle

The tungsten carbide wear parts include carbide nozzles, carbide balls, tungsten carbide valve seat & valve sleeves, carbide tire cleats, carbide guide rails and so on.

5. Structural parts

The carbide structural parts include rotating seal ring, lathe head, grinding machine spindle, bearing, etc, which can effectively solve the problems of mechanical seal ring thermal cracks.

Trustworthy Tungsten Carbide Manufacturer - XYMJ

XYMJ has focused on the production and processing of tungsten carbide products for more than 20 years, the products including carbide dies, bushings, valve seats, inserts & cutting tools, carbide rods and bars, carbide plates & strips and other customized tungsten carbide wear parts. It has superb blank forming and precision machining capabilities with high performance and a low-cost advantage. It has a grinding machine for smooth finish, frosted finish, concave finish, and convex finish, which can better satisfy customer's requests.

High performance of tungsten carbide, in addition to high hardness, there are also excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, etc and can be used as cutting tools, mining tools, wear parts, etc, which are also the reasons for wide applications in various industries.

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