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26 апреля 2021 г. 11:25

The Undesirable Problems Occur In The Solvent-free Composite

solventless laminator

Here, we'll introduce the common problems that occur in the solvent-free composite and the effective solutions. Adopting the solutions can greatly improve the work efficiency of the solventless laminator.

Knife Line

The main reason is that the coating units are not cleaned up. At this point, the coating unit should be downtown, or the transfer roller is changed, and the blanket is eliminated.


Poor Drying Of Adhesive

1. The adhesive is not configured in accordance with the correct matching requirements.

2. The adhesive has not been working.

3. Mixed glue contains moisture content or a large amount of ethyl acetate.

Composite Membrane Bubble

1. Since the material is not smooth and the ink particles are thick, the glue coating is insufficient. It should use high-quality materials or increase coating.

2. CO2 generated in curing cannot form in a film which has a good barrier property, mainly due to the use of a single-component solventless. So it should use a two-component adhesive.

3. The surface wettability is poor. It should increase the surface wetting tension of the material and improve the wettability of the adhesive.

4. Transfer roller is attached with foreign matter or scars and should be scrapped with bamboo pieces.

Poor Adhesion

1. The adhesive coating is too much, and the Internal curing of adhesive is slow.

2. When using a single-component adhesive, the humidification moisture content is insufficient.

3. The amount of coating is too small and the infiltration of the surface is incomplete.

4. Poor solubility of the ink and the adhesive, such as using polyamide ink.

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