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22 апреля 2021 г. 08:01

Superior Tungsten Carbide Parts From XYMJ

Tungsten carbide material has good conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance with high density of 16 g/cm3 to 18.5 g/cm3. It has very good mechanical strength, small coefficient of thermal conductivity and elastic coefficient. XYMJ is a professional carbide manufacturer, providing excellent quality custom tungsten carbide parts with advanced equipment and strict quality control, the most competitive price guaranteed.

Tungsten Carbide Roller

carbide roller

Tungsten carbide roller has superior performance, stable quality, high precision, good wear resistance and high impact resistance. Carbide roller has high hardness, which is not affected by environmental or external temperature change, therefore it can be used in an extremely hot or cold environment.


1. Excellent surface mirror finish.

2. High hardness, round HRA 87 or even to HRA91.

3. High wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

4. The service life of tungsten carbide is 50 times longer than common steel tools.

Tungsten Carbide Bush

carbide bush

Tungsten is known for its high melting point and durability. It’s also resistant to corrosion, which is ideal for industrial and manufacturing use. Likewise, bushings made from carbide offer an outstanding shelf life. That means you’ll spend less time switching out worn-down bushings, and more time getting the job done. In terms of stamping dies, carbide bush is widely used. Because of its wear resistance and good surface finish, it does not need to be replaced frequently, which can achieve higher utilization of equipment.

Tungsten Carbide Nozzle

carbide nozzles

When Inevitable to rough handling and media used for cutting abrasives (glass beads, steel shots, minerals, or cinder), tungsten carbide nozzle has the advantages of being more economical and longer service life. Traditionally, tungsten carbide is the best choice for the material of the nozzles.

They are widely used in surface treatment, sandblasting, painting, electronics, chemical processes and other industries with different applications such as wire straightening, wire guides, and other aspects.


1.Sufficient strength and rigidity.

2. Good impact toughness.

3.Abrasion resistance.

4.Corrosion resistance.

5.Long service life.

6. Anti-compression.

7.Excellent thermal shock resistance.

8.Good sealing character.

Tungsten Carbide Valve Seat

Carbide Valve Seat

As the main material of carbide seat, tungsten carbide has unique properties: long working time, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. Also, the carbide valve seat can withstand high pressure. It can be widely used for most passenger vehicles, light and heavy-duty trucks, diesel engines and industrial engines. We provide carbide seat, superior quality with advanced equipment and perfect workmanship.

Outstanding Features Of Carbide Valve Seat

1.Corrosion resistance and wear resistance

2.Longer life-time

3.High pressure

4.High precision

5.Excellent endurance to high temperature

Tungsten Carbide Seal Ring

Tungsten Carbide Seal Ring

The mechanical seal ring is one of the most important tungsten carbide wear parts. Tungsten carbide seal ring is made with Cobalt (Co) as binder material. Nickel(Ni) Bonded Rings are also provided, widely used as seal faces in pump and seal, compressors, and agitators, suitable in high-speed wire rod finishing block, oil in refineries, fertilizer plants, petrochemical plants, pharmaceutical industries.

XYMJ has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing mechanical seal rings and metal parts with tight tolerances, ISO certified, OEM available and the excellent wear resistance of TC roll rings bring high pass performance with superior surface finish.

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