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14 апреля 2021 г. 12:29

Why Choose Automatic Tension Controller

An automatic tension controller is a high-precision, fully digital, intelligent tension controller, with more advantages and practicality in application and function. It is anti-interference, much more convenient, and stable. It has extremely high tension control accuracy, which is suitable for use in occasions that have high requirements for the accuracy of tension control.

Automatic tension controller

Characteristics of automatic tension controller

1. High accuracy

The signal can be transmitted via the tension sensor, and then the output signal is processed by the intelligent PID. The actuator can be adjusted to control the changes in the diameter of the tensile scale and the appropriate coil. The output accuracy is as high as 0.1% so that the tension control is more accurate and stable.

2.Single/dual input

Receiving single or dual sensor inputting signal with automatic zeroing and calibration.

3.User-friendly interface

Adopts a full touch screen with simple operation and manual and automatic switching.

display interface of automatic tension controller

4.Strong anti-interference

Metal shell with strong anti-interference capacity without sparks.

5.Parameter password protection

Secret code setting will avoid that errors change the setting parameters.

6.Wide applications

Widely used in many industries such as paper-making, printing, packaging, textile, non-woven fabric, etc. The precision of tension control directly affects the processing quality of the product.

web guiding manufacturer

Automatic tension controller manufacturer - Arise

Arise, which is a leading web guide manufacturer, the products including web guiding system, web guide controller, web guide senor and more other products of web guiding & tension control, in China, with more than 10 years of experience, can provide full automatic tension controller with 32-bit or 16-bit high-precise AD sampling - T500/T1000.

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