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14 апреля 2021 г. 06:41

Tips To Select A Good Mooring Bollard Manufacturer

Mooring bollard has high performance for the marine mooring purpose, which is more and more welcomed by the customers. In order to purchase the excellent quality marine bollard, what should be considered for the manufacturing? Here, introduce some tips to select a good mooring bollard manufacturer.

1. Shape requirements

It is necessary to pay attention to the shape and the shape & style should satisfy the rationality and the performance, avoiding quality problems.


When manufacturers a mooring bollard, the specifications should be reasonable, reducing the quality problems, guaranteeing excellent performance.

3.Guaranteeing Performance

The function and performance are important for a manufacturer. The manufacturing should ensure high performance and the materials should be superior and rational.


The price always is an important factor to select a manufacturer. A good mooring bollard manufacturer or supplier should provide the best-value products.

mooring bollard manufacturer

Professional mooring bollard manufacturer - YSmarines

YSmarines, which is a professional and leading manufacturer of marine and offshore equipment such as mooring equipment, marine lighting, marine anchor, fairlead, life raft, etc, providing mooring bollards adopting materials of cast aluminum or stainless steel 316L with sprayed or polished surface, beautiful safe and reliable, which can adapt to the harsh ocean environment, widely used to various yacht terminals and ships, the pulling force selection ranges from 1.5 tons to 10 tons, the most competitive prices and reliable quality guaranteed.

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