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9 апреля 2021 г. 13:30

Why Choose Solventless Lamination Machine For Flexible Packaging

Solventless lamination is a method that uses solvent-free adhesive to combine two or more substrates together. The solventless lamination machine provides the high-precise coating with a weight-detecting system and the machine is the best combination of coating and laminating position, driven coating system and automatic unwind & rewind for high efficiency, consistent tension & minimum waste during roll changes.


The solventless laminating machine has environmental and high-precise coating features and is widely used for all kinds of flexible laminating bags with two-layer, three-layer, four-layer. It is suitable for light packaging, including OPP / CPP, PET / PE, PA / PE, OPP / VMCPP. It has covered the whole field of flexible packaging for the laminate of paper-plastic, plastic-plastic and aluminum-plastic.

laminating flexible bag

flexible packaging

Rational Solventless Laminator Sı L90 series

solventless lamination machine -Sı L90 series


Combination of ergonomics &green packaging technology.

Redefining tension(Rational tension)

Farewell to sensuous tension(Tactile tension)

Same tension at high and low speeds

Width setting for digital glue spray

Intelligent dynamic analyzing system

Automatic analyzing

One-button multiple-points position system

Have fun of wisdom during operation

Digital tension system

External roll-diameter status display

Models:S1L90-1000A, S1L90-1300A, S1L90-1600A

Solventless laminator WRJ i9 series

solventless laminator - WRJ i9 series

The WRJ i9 solventless laminator has several advanced systems, which includes coating weight directly inputting system, multiple ratio protection system, coating clearance memorizing system, fast cleaning system, zero-error tension stabilizing system, precise coating weight detecting system and foolproof glue preparation system.

Features & Advantages

1. Adopts advanced green and eco-friendly packing technology

2. No wrinkle when 0.06 mm thickness aluminum foil go through running roller

3. Process parameters online printing out

4. No bubbles on the surface of laminated films of aluminum foil structure right after finishing laminating

5. High viscosity glue feeding and coating applicable

6. Accurate swinging arm tension to control aluminum foil movement

7. Active unwinding for aluminum foil through motor control

8. Special taper curve of rewinding tension for laminated films of aluminum foil structure

9. More capable, more refined, with five roller coating system

10. Closed-loop tension control via dancer roller

Models: WRJ i9-1000A, WRJ i9-1300A, WRJ i9-1600A

Solventless laminator WRJF i9 series

solventless lamination - WRJF i9 series

Features & Advantages

1. Simple Operation

2. Reliable solventless laminator

3. More capable, more refined, with five roller coating system

4. Rigid shaftless unwind-rewind units

5. Closed-loop tension control via dancer roller

6. Computer Controls for all machine functions

Models: WRJF i9-1000A, WRJF i9-1300A, WRJF i9-1600A

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