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11 марта 2021 г. 05:19

Why Should Choose Non-electric Starter For Emergency Diesel Start

There are many kinds of starters, so you might wonder which one to choose. While nowadays, for cars running on the highway, most starters used are electric ones. We can start our SUVs just by turning keys or press buttons (or even wake up the car by our sounds). In contrast, the choices for diesel engine starter are quite many. In this article, I’ve put together some ideas about which starter might be best for diesel engines.


What's the difference between electric and non-electric diesel starters?

The biggest difference between the electric and the non-electric is what power it uses to start the engine.

Electric engine starter was actually invented to replace non-electrics. In theory, it’s a more advanced technology, faster and more convenient. Electric starters are mostly used in daily life. While non-electric starters seem to be relatively ancient. Back when cars were first invented, we use hand cranks to initiate the engines. Its activating power comes from human arms. Then many other types of starter motor were invented, like Pneumatic starter and Hydraulic starter, initiating the engine by pre-engaged air pressure or hydraulic pressure.

Time goes by, but most of the starters are still in service in different fields. That’s quite a phenomenon cause nearly all products would have obvious upgrades and old ones should’ve fallen into disuse for long. But they survived for two reasons. Firstly, electric starter needs a backup in many situations like grid outage or dead battery. Another reason is that in certain scenarios electric spark is dangerous. That’s when non-electric starter becomes the only choice.

spring starter


Reasons why non-electric starters are better in those certain scenarios

I believe you’ve had a rough idea about why they are better in those places. But still, I’ve listed some ideas below for your reference.



Non-electric motors (especially manual-powered starters) are normally more reliable compared to electrics. Modern technology is too dependent on the city’s large power grid. But activities like exploration and petroleum extraction often means you gotta get away from the city. That’s when those antiques come in handy – a sure start means a lot more than convenience then.


Not a single spark

A little spark could be fatal on an oil rig. For HSE requirements, you better choose a non-electric type there.



Most non-electric motors are portable with good size, perfect for fieldwork and long-distance travel.


High output power

Though it’s not some particularly advanced technology, non-electronic motors are constantly updating and iterating themselves. Nowadays even a spring motor can move a diesel with up to 50L displacement.

Cqstart spring starter


What advantages spring starters have among those non-electrics?

Manpower is the best external power system for engine starters. That’s what I believe. If you’re looking for some reliable motors that should be able to start your diesel in any situation at any time, choose your own arms! Motors like Pneumatic starter and Hydraulic starter needs pre-engage before you take them out for your works. Once it’s used, it takes some work to recharge. Imagine that you’re out in the field and your diesel stopped roaring. What if you’ve used your starter and you can’t recharge it now? But manual-powered motor like spring starter can always get your back in the game.

Cqstart is a professional spring starter manufacturer in China, if you got any interest in our product, visit our product page.

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