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19 января  2021 г. 08:17

High Standard Carbide Punch Dies From XYMJ

Tungsten carbide has excellent hardness, wear&corrosion resistance, resistance, which increase the service life. Tungsten carbide can improve productivity through high performance and reduced downtime. The carbide dies from XYMJ can reach tolerances with +0.01mm. Moreover, the inner hole surface and outside surface can be processed with mirror surface grinding.

Tungsten Carbide Punching Dies

Tungsten carbide punches will increase productivity by reducing replacement tooling cost and downtime. Punches manufactured in carbide can improve the quality of your product and extend the life of your tooling.

carbide punches

Tungsten carbide punches are mounted on metal parts stamping die, used in direct contact the material, and make the material informed, cutted. It is a necessary accessory to stamping die. Tungsten carbide punch is depending on the punching material and thickness, to select a different alloy. Under normal circumstances, be thicker stamping products, tungsten carbide is better to choose the lower hardness and toughness of the model; the harder the material, select a slightly lower hardness model, which can effectively avoid the washed missing. When stamping relatively thin sheet metal, or hardness is not high, and hole machining of this product, tungsten steel punch can select higher hardness, thereby increasing the life of tungsten carbide punch. Carbide punches, according to the different needs of the product, to produce different shapes, for example, a batch of drilling, the computer's chassis, there are a lot of top vents, as well as mobile phones, many of the electrical appliances, machinery the hole machining.


1.Well abrasion Resistance.

2. High Hardness, around 88HRA or even 91HRA.

3. Excellent corrosion Resistance.

4. High precision and high quality, the service life is over 10 times longer than common high speed steel.

5. Mainly used for piercing by machinery manufacture &?hardware, the finished holes are free of burrs and own precise size.

6. Outside diameter, inner diameter, height are all accurate grinding, tolerance can be +0.01mm.The product has very good concentricity , parallelism, perpendicularity.

7. Punches manufactured in carbide can improve the quality of your product and extend the life of your tooling. Working with you, to supply you with carbide components for your Die Set Assembly.

Tungsten Carbide Wire Drawing Die

Wire drawing dies are usually used to shorten the diameter of various ferrous and non-ferrous metal rods and wires. Applications include various grades of low/medium/high carbon steel, steel alloys, stainless steel, welding wire, etc.

Tungsten carbide wire drawing dies

Tungsten carbide wire drawing dies enable wire manufacturers to maintain uniform wire roundness, minimizing material usage and the possibility of bursting.

Carbide mold is an excellent choice for manufacturing ferrous metal rod size wires. They are also ideal for short trial runs. Mirror polishing and smooth lead wire is used to ensure the long service life and wire drawing.


1. Tungsten carbide wire drawing dies/mold pellets are made from 100% virgin material of WC and Co. It have good wear resistance, high bending strength.

2. Tungsten carbide wire drawing dies are a good economical choice for steel wire and other large-size wire drawing applications.

3. Applications for drawing wire , tubes, rod. Type as S11, WTA. S13 ect .

4. Usgae:for steel wire drawing ,drawing aluminum wire ,copper wire drawing.

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