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29 декабря 2020 г. 09:16

Various Types Of High Performance Marine Seats

There are many different types of marine seats to choose from and selecting the right marine seat is very important.

Flip-Flop Seats

These types of seats are what you typically see on fishing marines, bass marines, as well as recreational marines. Their reasonably comfortable since they have cushioning found in both the seat and the backrest. Some come with a storage area underneath and could be insulated to carry ice to help keep things cold.

Bucket Seats

These seats are rounded or contoured and made to fit just one person. They could also be used as a captain’s chair. Bucket seats are also considered to be very comfortable seats and made out of a marine grade vinyl that will help protect them from the sun and make them resistant to salt and mildew.

Marine Passenger Seats

marine passenger seats

Marine passenger seats and chairs can be used on the fast ferry, high-speed passenger ship, cruise ship, catamaran, crew boat, cargo ship, the sightseeing boat, traffic boat, pilot launch, yacht and other passenger vessels. The material of the seats adopt fire-proof leather, PU/PVC leather or fabric according to customer's requirements. The anti-corrosion aluminum structure is durable. It can be made in various seating configurations such as single-seat, double seat, triple seat. Back cushion with high resilience and the flame-retardant sponge is made by adopting a low-temperature foam molding technique. They all have beautiful appearance and special design which makes people more comfortable when seating. The design of the chair is totally in accordance with the ISO standard, IMO standard, and kinds of Classification Society's requirement.

Pontoon marine Seats

Pontoon marine seats are very comfortable and very long. They are built to fit multiple people at once, and they usually wrap around the marine to maximize the number of people it can hold. These seats are hinged to reveal the hidden storage space underneath.

Lounge Seats

lounge seats

Lounge seats feature two connected seats that are built back-to-back from one and other. They have a built-in storage unit underneath them. Lounge seats can also fully recline right back to make it easier for you to kick your feet up and get more comfortable.


Marine Captains Seats

marine captains seats

The marine captains seats have 1.2M sliding rail, steel column and pneumatic lifting. And the rail length could be customized. They have modern designs that are easy and comfortable to use fixed type. They have height adjustment with a sealed gas-powered cylinder. They are waterproof, moisture-proof function, surface a layer of fire prevention function. The customer can choose the material is genuine leather or artificial leather. The overall strength of the capatains chair meets "International HSC norms" requirements. Seat, backrest and armrests are upholstered in black leather.The seatback angle can also be adjusted from the sitting position. Armrests have a height adjustment feature and tip up facility, making it easy to exit the seat from the side in restricted spaces.

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