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28 декабря 2020 г. 10:08

Select The Right Type Of Marine Seats

Comfort and fit are two important aspects of boat seating. There are many different styles and levels of comfort to choose from, similar to how there are many different styles of couches or recliners you can buy for your living room at home. Selecting the right marine seat depends on you and your level of comfort as well as the style that you are looking for. YSmarines can supply a wide range of marine seats with great comforts and best suitability. The seats can be widely used for larger boats and smaller vessels. The seats come in various trims and can be tailored to the requirements of the customers.

Bench Seats

bench seats

These seats are longer and built for more than one person at a time. Bench seats come in a variety of sizes, usually somewhere from 28 inches in length to 65 inches in length. They are closer to a love-seat or couch, like what you would find in your home. There’s no armrest between each other, and you could also lay down on them. Bench seats are very comfortable. You would typically find these seats on pontoon marines and cruisers. Storage could also be found in the base located below the seat cushions.

Swivel Seats

This type of seat is typically found on fishing marines, so it makes it easier for the fisherman to move around while fishing. They are usually a smaller type of seat with a lower backing, although you can spend some extra money to get a higher back, as well as some armrests. There are a few benefits to using a swivel seat such as they could be removed, spin 360 degrees, they’re self-lubricating with non-corrosive poly swivel bearings, and they can fit most standard seat holes patterns.

Captain’s Chairs

marine captains' chair

There are many different types of marine captains chairs to choose from, and they range widely in quality. Prepare to spend at least a couple hundred dollars and up. They could even run you into the thousands for a top of the line captain’s seat. Captain’s chairs are similar to bucket seats but tend to have armrests and can be adjustable to fit the captain of the marine. With special manufacturing, it is suitable for all kinds of luxury passenger ships, yachts, and so on. The seat can move on the double-sliding rail. The backrest of the seat is angle-adjustable. The armrest can be adjusted and foldable. The height of the seat can be adjusted freely. There is a seat security locking handle to ensure safety.

Leaning Posts

These seats are typically used on center consul marines as well as bass marines. Leaning post seats can come with or without a backrest, and if it comes with the backrest, then the backrest would also be removable. You can use them as a leaning post, a seat, or a bench. There’s usually a foot rail and handrail that goes around. Most leaning post seats also have four holes at the back for your fishing rods to sit in.

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