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23 декабря 2020 г. 11:05

Various Types Of Marine Anchors For Boat Protection

An anchor is a vital part of the boat and is one of the most widely used items in the marine industry. The anchor is used to protect your boat. YSmarines which is one of the leading marine anchor suppliers, provides excellent quality products with high performance, beautiful design, maximum protection for boats and various types to meet customer's requirements.


Danforth anchors, are the top choice for most marines with overall lengths of 30' or less. Fluke anchors provide sufficient holding power considering their small size. By design, they fold flat and are easy to stow in storage compartments. The anchor arm, or stock, buries itself after the pointed flukes dig into the bottom. For those reasons, fluke anchors are best in hard sand and mud. The flukes can’t penetrate rocky bottoms and are not recommended for slick, grassy bottoms. Loose mud or clay can foul the flukes and prevent bottom penetration.

danforth anchor


The Navy anchor gets the nod for filling in for what the fluke anchor lacks. Navy anchors have long stocks and distinct arks and flukes. They are ideal for heavy grass, weeds and rocky bottoms where one arm can take hold of a crevice.


Claw anchors have great holding power for their size. Modeled after oil-rig anchors in the turbulent North Sea, the downsized marineing version sets effortlessly and holds in a variety of bottoms. Claw anchors are ideal for the windy conditions for which they are designed. They will hold no matter how much the marine swings around on the hook. Claw anchors are the obvious choice for large, open bodies of water. 

Claw anchors


Spek anchor is one type of the stockless anchor. It is the improved anchor with a lower point of gravity from the hall anchor, whose core of anchor head is located in the center of the pin centerline to the bottom. The structure of spek anchor is characterized that there is anchor crown plate and reinforcing ribs at the anchor crown. The anchor claw is easy to turn to the ground and then has a better stability. The smart design makes it a perfect fit for the anchor pocket. And the anchor flukes will keep naturally upwards and overturn immediately when touching the hull plate to avoid damaging the shell plating.

Spek anchor

TW Type

The TW type pool HHP anchor has more than 2 times holding power than the conventional anchor of the same weight. The anchor has large flat flukes made out of high tensile steel plate material. The thickness varies from 15 mm up to 140 mm depending on the anchor size. It allows a weight reduction of 25% compared to a conventional anchor for the same equipment number It has a fully balanced type and unbalanced type. The fully balanced type always has its flukes in a vertical position while lifting the anchor. The unbalanced type will tip over to one side.

TW type pool HHP anchor


Ideal for canoes, kayaks and jon marines, the mushroom anchor works best in soft bottoms, where it creates penetration based on suction. Makes a decent lunch hook anchor, but is not recommended as the primary anchor.

mushroom anchor

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