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22 декабря 2020 г. 09:03

Why Choose Arise Web Guide Controller

Arise is a professional web guiding system manufacturer in China and Arise web guide can ensure continuous, precise control of various coil materials in various production processes. With the high-performance automatic web guide controller, it can ensure that the material will not deviate from the correct position and reduce the waste to a minimum.

N180 Web Guide Controller

N180 web guide controller adopts advanced 32 digital CPU with FPGA+ARM drive motor and it featuring high precision, reliable performance, convenient installation and simple operation.

N180 web guide controller

Features & Parameters

CPU: 32 digit CPU(FPGA+ARM)

Frequency: 168MHz

Motor Driving: Advanced FPGA drive motor

Reactive Time: 0.05ms

Screen: TFT screen with 260000 colors

Motor Speed Regulation: PID dynamic programming algorithm

Sensor interface: Single/dual photoelectric eye analog, Ultrasonic sensor analog, CCD sensor analog, Can also be connected to two switching signals

Anti-interference: adopts metal shell, stronger anti-interference

Commutation: Electronic commutation

Reliability: high

Maintenance cost: Maintenance-free

Safety: High safety without sparks


High-frequency CPU with high speed

High precision correction ability

Shortest reactive time

ADC with more digits bring better precision

Variable of integration PI can detect the changing of error with quick correction

No servo motor with long service life and high efficiency

N200 Web Guide Controller

N200 web guide controller


1. Arise N200 web guide controller has CPU adopting 32-bit dual-core (FPGA+ARM), working frequency up to 168MHz and digital display

2. The motor drive adopts FPGA to drive the motor (no need for external capacitor resistance commutation, and no need to replace carbon brushes)

3. Shortest reactive time in 0.1ms

4. The universal sensor interface can connect single/dual photoelectric eyes and ultrasonic sensors.

5. Using a metal shell, strong anti-interference.

6. Electronic commutation, maintenance-free, high reliability, high safety performance without sparks when commutation.

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