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21 декабря 2020 г. 09:03

High Performance Arise T1000 Web Tension Controller

Web tension control is most commonly used in the processes of unwinding, intermediate, and rewind. Web tension should be controlled in the rewind and unwind and the coil materials must be controlled under certain tension in each process, which ensures the production process can be carried on correctly.

Web tension as a process value is measured and controlled to protect machines and machinery and leads to improved productivity and product quality. The tension that is too high can cause damage to deflector rolls and roller bearings, resulting in the unplanned machine stops, stretching of the web, change in the width, and ultimately snapping of the web. There are a number of high-performance systems available today that use digital tension electronics to provide tension measuring options and performance superior to older technology. Newer technologies that use a measurement principle based on the magnetoelastic effect are not contingent upon physical movement or deformation, providing the sensitivity of load cells with extraordinary tolerance to overloads and virtually no built-in limit to the number of load cycles.

T1000 Web Tension Controller

T1000 web tension controller adopts a full touch screen. It adopts 32-bit high-precision AD sampling with 1us sampling time. The sensor provides a high precision signal with high speed and can be applied in conjunction with magnetic powder brakes, pneumatic brakes, electric motors, etc. It can be calculated automatically without a sensor.

The tension controllers can be configured with brick-type or other types of load cells, such as LS400 though-axis tension sensors or load cells, LS500 cantilever tension sensors or load cells. The load cell is just a weighing scale, it can detect the weight of the loaded product, and then inform the tension controller so that the controller can adjust the tension accordingly.

T1000 web tension controller

Features of T1000 web tension controller

1. Simple operation

2. Accurate and reliable

3. Single/dual input

4. Manual and automatic switching

5. Stable operation

6. Strong anti-interference

7. Simple Installation

Professional Web Tension Controller Manufacturer - Arise

Arise is a professional web guide system manufacturer in China, With Arise web tension controller can ensure continuous, precise control of various coil materials in all kinds of production processes. The operation of the Arise tension controller is simple with an automatic full touch screen and the controller has premium quality, the most competitive price guaranteed.

Best Service From Arise


1. 7 days no reason to return or exchange, provided that the product is intact without damage.


2. Professional certificated, support authoritative and professional organization to identify and check.


3. The quality of all products are strictly inspected, there’s no need to worry about the quality problem


4. The products can be delivered through Yuantong, Tiantian, or SF express.

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