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16 декабря 2020 г. 12:54

Introduction Of Cqstart Spring Starter

Cqstart is a manufacturer which is engaged in researching and manufacturing special diesel engine application. The R&D team, mainly composed of senior experts in diesel engine, are committed to studying the process of diesel engine using, and constantly improving the reliability and safety when using.

The company provides high quality products with advanced design and reliable technology, acquiring Quality Management System Certificate issued by CCS, and using OA and ERP system to standardize workflow.

Company initially launched spring starter, solving the problem that the emergency/standby diesel engine does not work due to lack battery power, improving the reliability of starting diesel engine.

Spring starter meets the high requirements in firefighting, emergency rescue, military, marine and oil fields.

mechanical spring starter

The spring starter integrates storage, control, transfer, release into a complete system, and is a little larger than traditional electric starter.

It only requires manpower to store the manpower energy by compressing the disc springs and release the energy by pulling the trip lever. And then the drive pinion will drive the flywheel to rotate.

At present, the products are able to meet the emergency starting needs of diesel engines under 50 liters.

Why Choose Cqstart Mechanical Spring Starter

1. All the Cqstart mechanical spring starters have passed the test on the unique spring starting test bench, ensuring that all the products are qualified and there are detailed test data for each product (such as torque, energy, peak, speed, input/output ratio, conversion rate, stability ratio, curve, etc.).

2. All the Spring Starters are equipped with a micro-lock preventor, which helps to effectively avoid maloperation on the double-start engine. It can extend the life of the engine.

3. We use maintenance-free grease within each mechanical spring starter, and the surface finish of our products is the baking finish which is fireproof, oilproof, waterproof and anti-corrosion, with salt spray corrosion resistance.

Cqstart spring starter

Contact Information

Chongqing Starting Power Unit Co., Ltd.

Address: Shapingba International Enterprise Port, High-tech District, Chongqing, China(401331)

Sales: Julie(Ms.), sales1@cqstart.com,

Tel/Whatsapp/Wechat: +86-13637706003

Marketing: Harland Wang(Mr.), sundayritian@cqstart.com

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