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16 декабря 2020 г. 12:52

Reliable Mechanical Starter - Cqstarter Spring Starter

Spring starters are mechanical starters that use energy stored in a high-tech spring pack which is manually wound up and charged for instant release when required to start an engine. A mechanical spring starter is equivalent to a 5 hp electric starter.

spring starter

The need for batteries, alternators, regulators and wiring is eliminated as the mechanical spring starter does not require electricity, compressed air or hydraulic pressure to operate. In the event that electrical power is required, a conversion kit is available to add to an existing alternator or a self-exciting alternator can be used.

Mechanical spring starters are used in many industrial, marine and agricultural applications especially in remote and hazardous locations.

mechanical spring starter

Advantages of mechanical spring starters

Guaranteed starting. Long shutdowns, damp, cold or harsh environments don’t affect the engine cranking because of the manual operation.

Reliability. A long and proven track record with many spring starters still operating after decades in service.

Space and weight saving. Starting at only 18kg and less than 50% the weight of a conventional electric starter.

Operator safety. The crank will not fly off or kickback during operation, and the motor can be unwound if not required.

Ease of use. Spring starters are a direct ‘bolt-on’ alternative to electric starters providing quick and easy installation.

Reduces battery costs. For certain applications, such as pumps, welders and gen-sets you can remove the need for a battery completely.

Lower electrical costs. Without the need for an electric starter, a lighter duty alternator can be fitted or your existing alternator will last longer.

Professional manufacturer & supplier - Cqstart spring starter

Chongqing Starting Power Unit Co., Ltd was established in 2008, which specialized in researching and manufacturing of the spring-powered starting device ---Cqstart spring starter

Cqstart has successfully developed a special starter apply to military, fire, marine emergency, emergency rescue, telecommunications, petrochemicals, mines and other high-reliability requirements totally incapable of being dependent on electricity.

Cqstart spring starter

The company has an R & D team leading by a senior engineer, with a number of national patents, and strict manufacturing assembly process, maintaining a leading position in product quality and technology.

As the representative of Chinese mechanical starting device for diesel engine, the company has CCS certification of Quality Management System and ERP material and operation control system, providing high-quality products and services to customers.

Cqstart spring starter is a reliable, cost-effective method of manually starting a diesel engine up to 50L, suitable for primary or secondary starting, they are an ideal low-cost alternative to traditional electric starting systems. The major advantage is their reliability even in harsh environments such as offshore platforms and marine applications.

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