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16 декабря 2020 г. 12:43

Different Types Of High Standard Marine Rubber Fenders

YSmarines, which is one of the leading marine rubber fender manufacturers in China, offering different types of rubber fenders for all sizes and shapes of vessels, the most reasonable prices, with IACS approvals including CCS, ABS, BV, LR, KR, DNV-GL, NK, RMRS and RINA.

D Type Super Arch Rubber Fender (DD & DO)

rubber D fender

The rubber D fender can be pre-curved, chamfered and drilled to aid installation at a relatively low cost and can also be cut to the length required. The D type fender provided by YSmarines which is one of the leading suppliers for the marine products in China with the best price guaranteed offers an excellent barrier against damage from all sizes and shapes of vessels. It is one kind of profile rubber fenders they have D shape outer profile widely be used as beltings and protective fenders on many tugs workboats and small jetties with long-term durability for applications where repeated compression cycles which are encountered in pushing service.

There are three types of D type rubber fenders. One is with a cylindrical bore inside, which is known as DO type rubber fender, one is with a “D” shaped bore inside, which is known as DD type rubber fender, and the last one is with a solid bore, therefore, it is known as solid d type rubber fender. Both DO type and DD type share the same flat rear face which makes them easy to install between parallel flat bars and bolt fixings. They can be supplied in a long sections with maximum length restricted only by transport and handling limitations, they can be cut to length, angle cut at the end drilled or pre-carved as required for each application.

D type fender offers the excellent physical characteristics needed to handle the high loading, which occurs both on initial contact, and throughout the service cycle. The rubber fender could be equipped both at the smaller and at the top front of the harbor as the second defense line together with the other fenders. Normally, It should be equipped continuously so as to avoid the direct impact of the ships when abnormal harboring happens.


1. Excellent physical characteristics.

2. Good adaptability of transverse of eongituaind shake of ships during mooring.

3. Applicable for frame dock due to the smaller bottom width.

4. Available for curved shaped type rubber fender in any angle.

Yokohama Pneumatic Rubber Fender

Yokohama pneumatic fender

The Yokohama pneumatic fender is a bumper with air as bumping media. Impact energy is absorbed by compressed air so that the ship can berth softly to protect the ship from bumping. The rubber fender is widely used for oil tankers, container vessels, yachts, ocean platforms, large wharf and naval ports, etc. It is suitable for ship berthing of all directions and has been widely used in many types of ship berthing in ports. It has various sizes of D0.5m*L1m – D4.5m*L12m. It can be protected by tire net chains and can be also used without the tire net as well.

It can easily be deflated which allows simple and cost-effective relocation and re-commissioning in other locations. Pneumatic rubber fenders have the merits of high-pressure resistance, high-energy absorption low reaction, aging resistance and saltwater corrosion resistance. They support berthing at angles up to 15 degrees for oil tankers, container vessels, bulwark carriers, yachts, ocean platforms, large wharf and naval ports, etc. We have two types of molded pneumatic fenders: pneumatic rubber fenders equipped with chain-tire-net wildly used for ship to ship transfer operations and hydro pneumatic fenders equipped with counterweight and ballast water designed for a submarine berth, which can be installed vertically. The ISO 17357:2014 compliant chain-tire net pneumatic fender (CTN) is a lattice of used tires connected by a network of horizontal and vertical chains, which adds further protection to the fender body. The chains are galvanized for greater corrosion resistance and covered by rubber sleeves to prevent abrasive damage to the outer rubber. The horizontal chains are fastened at each end to a ring shackle. The rubber fenders are supplied with two different inside pressure levels to cover a wide performance range, 50kPa & 80kPa.


1. High strength and friction resistance.

2. High energy absorption with a low reaction force.

3. Adjusted performance by varying internal pressure.

4. Low and easy maintenance.

5. Low transportation costs - pneumatic fenders can be deflated and folded for transport.

6. Easily deflatable to be used in a different location and to be stored on deck.

SA Type Super Arch Rubber Fender (V Type)

super arch fender

The SA super arch fender also known as V type rubber fender is a kind of marine rubber fender, which can also embedded steel mount and nut on the top of the fender. It connects the front panel, UHMW-PE face pad installed outside of front panel, which lowers the friction factor between vessel and fender to avoid the damage of vessel and raises the utility of fender life. The design of the SA fender is simple and durable, providing trouble-free service for a wide range of berths even under the toughest conditions. It has better stability and stronger attachment to the supporting structure than the traditional arch rubber fenders. It is made of quality natural rubber resistant to weather, seawater, cutting, abrasion, etc. The designs are simple and rugged, providing reliable and trouble-free service for a wide variety of ports. The rubber fenders are tough and reliable, simple and long-lasting, providing trouble-free service for a wide variety of berthing even under the most severe conditions.

The super arch fender has better stability and stronger attachment to the supporting structure than the traditional arch /v rubber fenders. It connects the front panel. This design can reduce the torsion at the bottom of the fender dramatically, the prolong the life-span of the rubber fender body. The UHMW-PE face pads have various colors and can be replaced easily.


1. Suitable for various applications;

2. Very robust, durable and requires low maintenance;

3. High shear resistance in the longitudinal direction;

4. Can be installed both vertically and horizontally;

5. Suitable for turning dolphins & pivot points.

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