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16 декабря 2020 г. 12:40

High Quality Marine Rubber Fenders From YSmarines

YSmarines is a professional rubber fender manufacturer in China, and specialized in supplying products with high-quality rubber and custom-made fender in a short lead time, competitive price guaranteed.

Applications Of Marine Rubber Fender

Applications Of Marine Rubber Fender

1.Sea-going tugboats & large harbors tugboats




5. Supply boats

6. Corners of quays

7. Pontoons

8.Bridge and pile protection

9. Angular constructions.

Package Of Marine Rubber Fender

Package Of Rubber Fender

Package Of Marine Rubber Fender

1.Packaged with the wooden case

2.Packaged with wooden pallet

3.Packaged with steel pallet

4.Packaged in the container directly

Tugboat Marine Rubber Fender

tugboat fenders

The tugboat fenders are a kind of marine rubber fender for tugboat and can be used for all kinds of tugboats, going in for the operation of pushing, standing, stretching and leaning, etc. The rubber fenders on tugboats and workboats are often mounted on bow and stern-mounted as the main push fenders. Therefore, it is also known as the cylindrical bow and stern rubber fender. The circular shape makes them ideal when working with large bow flares, but they are also suited to pushing flat-sided vessels. They are often used on the bow in combination with Keyhole, M or W fenders. They are made of high abrasion resistance rubber with good resilience properties for required applications. The tug fenders adopt completely vulcanization technology with good performance, long-life utility and easy installation. They dismantle with users friendly fixtures, tool tackles and are welcomed with small port craft owners and tug owners.


1. Good performance;

2. High energy absorption and low force reaction;

3. Convenient to install and maintain.

W Type Rubber Fender

W fender

W fender is one of the most successful rubber fenders in the world nowadays. It has a unique 'open bore' design, which makes installation much more simple. The type of rubber fenders offers an excellent alternative to square fenders. A complete “ready to install" fender kit including connecting plugs, end plugs, drill holes as well as numbered stern and bow fender sets are available. The flexible legs allow the fender to be curved around most hull shapes. The fenders are designed for use in extreme conditions and to absorb excessive bumps and knocks. This type of fender is one of the most popular tug fender designs and is very suitable for application on the bow and stern of tugs, workboats and icebreakers. With two flexible legs also allow for easy installation of the fender with a large or small radius by means of guide rods.


1. Extreme-duty design

2. Open bore for easy installation

3. Twin-leg attachment

4. Grooved for extra grip

5. Fits around tight bends

GD Type Marine Rubber Fender

GD marine fender

GD marine fender is a new type of rubber fender and is the innovation on the basis of D type fender. The fender enlarges fender bottom width and pre-built-in steel plate mount. It can be fixed with double bolts. The strength, the installation and utility life is much more improved than D type fender. It has high energy absorption and low reaction force. It is widely used for jetty and wharves for small craft, workboat harbors and frame dock.

The GD rubber fenders (or wing D rubber fenders) are used as an alternative to other profiles as beltings for tugs and workboats. Instead of drilling the fender, the wings are retained by steel angles. They are forcibly jacked into the angles during installation and joints between adjacent sections are plugged to achieve a smooth and continuous contact face. Once fitted, the wings sit tightly within the angles making this arrangement very resistant to longitudinal and transverse shear- ideal for tugs performing escort duties and similar applications.


The marine rubber fender could be used at the small ports, also can be used at the top front of the harbor as the second protection fendering system. This design can protect the ships that berth abnormally. They can also be produced vulcanized with a specific radius to ensure that it fits properly around a bow or stern of a ship. Most wing fenders can be provided in specified lengths and the ends can be beveled.


1. Easy to break away.

2.Better anchoring capacity.

3.Workable for angle place and any length.

4. Easy to install and replace when necessary.

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