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16 декабря 2020 г. 12:19

Cqstart spring starter with great reliability

Cqstart spring starter

Cqstart spring starter is used in many applications. And that’s not for nothing since the Cqstart spring starter exactly offer what you expect from a starter: a cost effective, reliable and secure solution to start diesel engines. Cqstart was founded in china in 2008m which specialized in researching and manufacturing of the spring powered starting device with a great reputation. Cqstart developes and constantly improves the existing range of spring starters to start an even bigger range of engines. Currently, there are spring starters for engines of 1L up to 50L.

If the spark definitely should not miss

The Cqstart spring starters are fireproof, waterproof and completely non-electric. The latter makes them the perfect start solution for hazardous locations such as mines and oil rigs, where the smallest spark can have disastrous consequences. Also, the spring starters, suitable for applications in emergency power, oil and gas, and shipping sectors. An important advantage is that the spring starters are maintenance free and thus offer a fail-safe solution for many applications. For example, in remote, isolated locations or inhospitable areas, as the main starter or as an emergency starting device.

Mechanical spring starts with reliability

Cqstart in their own words as: “Where reliability is essential, Cqstart gets you started” and that is a statement which we at Electra Brandt can find our way in. First, because Cqstart products are reliable so we can stand one hundred percent behind it. Cqstart guarantees professional technical support and sales advice. More generally, however, we recognize ourselves in the philosophy of Cqstart: we also want to be a reliable partner for our clients, even – or perhaps especially – in times when it matters! Curious about how we translate these words into action? Please contact us and we’ll be happy to explain you about our Cqstart products and services.

For more professional knowledge, please visit the spring starter articles.

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