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16 декабря 2020 г. 12:14

High Effective Mechanical Spring Starter

mechanical spring starter

Spring Starters are mechanical starters that use energy stored in a high-tech spring pack which is manually wound up and charged for instant release when required to start an engine. Spring starters are a reliable, cost-effective method of manually starting a diesel engine, suitable for primary or secondary starting, they are an ideal low-cost alternative to traditional electric starting systems. The major advantage is their reliability even in harsh environments such as offshore platforms and marine applications.

The need for batteries, alternators, regulators and wiring is eliminated as the spring starter does not require electricity, compressed air, or hydraulic pressure to operate. In the event that electrical power is required, a conversion kit is available to add to an existing alternator or a self-exciting alternator can be used. 

The spring starter rotates the engine flywheel through practically the same number of revolutions as an electric starter, but at considerably higher speed, almost twice as fast as a conventional electric starter.

spring starters

A mechanical spring starter is totally autonomous and does not need any external energy source except for manual power. It combines the reliability of hand winding with the power of the spring mechanism. It is a direct bolt on replacement for electric, pneumatic or hydraulic starter used for starting direct injection diesel engines.

The starters are maintenance-free and provide a fail-safe solution to either primary or secondary (emergency) starting devices.

Mechanical spring starter is flameproof, spark-free units, ideal for hazardous environments like offshore oil rigs, chemical plants and mines. They are eco-friendly and non-toxic gadgets as they do not require batteries.

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