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16 декабря 2020 г. 12:05

Why should choose mechanical spring starter

mechanical spring starter

Mechanical spring starters are flame-proof, waterproof and totally non-electric, making them ideal starting solutions in hazardous areas such as coal mines and oil rigs, where a single spark could result in disaster. They are self-contained units that replace electric, pneumatic or hydraulic starting systems on direct injection diesel engines.


1.No external power source required. (i.e. battery, compressor, hydraulic power pack or alternator)

2.Smooth pre-engagement of drive pinion minimizes ring gear wear

3.Flameproof & spark free (ideal for oil rigs, coal mines & other hazardous environments)

4.Damp and cold condition start-up (Immediate startup even after long shut down on sites)

5.Water proof (works even after full immersion in water)

6.No risk of water contamination compared to electric starters

7.No dust or debris choking (ideal in the desert or extreme temperature conditions)

8.Cost effective, reliable & maintenance-free (fraction of price for primary component and maintenance compared to substitutes ie: hydraulic, pneumatic)

9.Ideal for remote& harsh locations

10. No lubrication required

11.Fraction of weight compared to alternatives

12.Maintenance free


The mechanical spring starter is used worldwide under different conditions, in a variety of applications:


building & construction


For more professional knowledge about the mechanical spring starter, please visit the page of the mechanical spring starter blogs .

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