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16 декабря 2020 г. 12:01

High Standard YSmarines Marine Navigation Lights

YSmarines is one of the best choices for the reliable marine navigation light supplier, which is engaged in a variety of marine signal lights , excellent quality and competitive price guaranteed.

CXD8 Type Daylight Signal Light / Power Box for Marine

daylight signal light


1.The daylight signal light applied to daylight signal communication between the ships.

2.AC100V~240V 50HZ/60HZ, DC 24V, power 60W;

3.The daylight signal light with good quality cast aluminum shell and mechanical flash device.

4. Lightweight, easy to operate and carry.

CXH-101P Type Double-deck Marine Navigation Lights

double-deck marine navigation lights

The double-deck marine navigation lights have the features that corrosion resistance and shock resistance and some of them have automatic aleak holes in the bottom, convenient to install and replace the bulb. The lights adopt the bulb with the average life is not lower than 700h. They are applied to ships with a length above 12m. They can work normally under the temperature of -30℃ to 55℃.



2. Conform to the International standard IEC 60598-1-2008.

3. Conform to the standard of marine electric signal light’s technical condition GB/T 3028-1995.


1. Approved by CCS (CHINA CLASSIFICATION SOCIETY) and ZY of China Fishery Inspection.

2. Passed the authentication of CE.

3. Approved by Germanischer Lloyd “GL”.

4. Approved by MED/EC.

5. The patent no is ZL 2009 2019 9529.5.

CXH-21P Type Single-deck Marine Navigation Lights

Single-deck Marine Navigation Lights

The marine navigation lights are single-deck type and can be applied to the ships with as lamp signal liaise for the safe navigation of the vessel. They adopt the special signal bulb which conforms to the ship criterion. Marine navigation lights are to aid the prevention of any major accident from happening. All boats – whether big or small are required to have night lights as a part of the navigation systems. There're three colors with red, green and white can be chosen for the lights.


1. Marine navigation signal light applied to the ships with the length 12m or above 12m (<50m) as lamp signal liaison when night navigation.

2. This navigation signal light’s the shell is made of high-strength engineering plastic PA+GF, the lampshade adopts injection of PC, lens hood adopts good quality stainless steel.

3. These navigation signal lights have the whole seal structure, it is waterproof under the bad environment.

4. The signal lights can work normally under the temperature -30℃ to 55℃.

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