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11 декабря 2020 г. 09:45

Useful tips to help you choose the right marine anchor

The anchor is widely used for dredging, offshore mooring, fish farm, and yachting operation, with SS316L material option or with H.D.G. finishing for your multi-purposes. You sometimes need to set two anchors in a crowded anchorage, with anchors at the bow and stern of the marine to limit its ability to swing. Two anchors set from the bow at a 60° angle are another good way to improve security against swinging and dragging, and they allow you to shorten the rodes and use less scope. In heavy weather conditions, where one anchor may not have enough holding power, setting a second anchor may be critical to staying put. Remember that as the wind speed doubles the force on the marine (and the ground tackle system) increases by four times.

mushroom mooring anchor

Choose an anchor that’s the right size for your marine and the locations and weather where you anchor. Take the anchor manufacturer’s suggested sizes into account and consider your marineing style. Do you typically anchor for two hours or for two weeks, in a lake or in the Atlantic Ocean? The recommended anchor sizes from YSmarines will work well for most marineers, under most conditions.

Sizing an anchor for your marine reinforces, with some limits, the “bigger is better” idea. If your engine fails and you are drifting toward a lee shore, having a properly sized anchor ready could save your marine. But raising the anchor by hand, with no electric powered windlass, calls for light and efficient ground tackle (and a strong back).

stockless anchor

You have three options: galvanized steel, Grade 316 stainless steel or lightweight aluminum/magnesium. Most marineers choose a galvanized anchor for cost reasons, with the added advantage of having the highest tensile strength. Stainless anchors resemble works of sculpture to dress up the bow of your vessel.

YSmarines is a professional marine anchor supplier and carries superior quality products with fast delivery anywhere in the world, various types including stockless anchor, folding anchor, spek anchor, bruce claw anchor, etc, with professional certification like DNV-GL, BV, ABS, LRS, RINA, IRS, etc.

folding anchor

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