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11 декабря 2020 г. 09:36

Web Guiding For Edge Position Control

The guide or control for the edge position of the web is the most widely used web guiding system. For various applications, edge position control or guide is sufficient, especially if the roll-to-roll machine is designed to always convert webs with constant width. Usually, the edge sensor is located in the downstream span of the roll paper guide (except for the rewind guide). Generally, the edges of the web are sensed in the free span rather than on a roller.

edge position control

Firstly, we introduce the basic information of the four types of web guiding

Four types of web guiding

Edge Guiding

Web edge guiding refers to guidance on a single edge of the web material. This is the most common type. The edge of the operator side or driver side can be guided to the desired position according to the sensor position.

Center Guiding

Center guiding is used when the edges of the web are not flat or the width of the web changes during the production process, instead of positioning the web-based on one edge, to guide the centerline of the web. The center position is determined by using two sensors, each sensor is located on each edge of the web.

Line Guiding

The web can be guided based on the position of the printing line. This line is a fixed reference for the printing position on the web. In most cases, camera-based solutions are used to guide the web according to the printing line.

Contrast Guiding Similar to line guiding, the web can be guided based on contrasting features on the web. The contrast of the printing or the contrast produced by the coating process can be used as a reference for web guiding.

web guiding advantages

Advantages of the web edge guiding

1. It can inspect and control the coils of any material and color.

2. Precision ball screw with accurate positioning

3. The tracking speed can be adjusted arbitrarily without changing the size of the belt shaft.

4. The guide roller can be equipped with a hard-anodized layer, rubber layer, and cork skin.

5. The fast feedback for the voltage and electric current, which can automatically restore and protect the internal circuit system, with good stability, quick action response. The tracked objects will never drop the needle or wrinkle.

6. Humanized design, complete functions with fast and easy operation.

The applications of the web guiding system for edge position control

The web guiding system covers a wide range of applications, and it is essential in industries such as packaging, non-woven fabrics, printing, labels, building materials, paper pulp, household paper, plastics, cables, metal processing, corrugated paper processing.

applications of web guiding

Arise is one of the leading web guiding manufacturers in China and the web guiding product from Arise has a high-performance automatic system with continuous precise edge control for the coil materials.

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