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11 декабря 2020 г. 09:31

High-safety Marine Mooring Chock

YSmarines has introduced the marine mooring chock which is a mooring system that is designed to support safe and reliable moorings of all types and purposes through its patented low friction technology.

The transition from steel wire rope to fiber rope is widespread across the industry. Fiber rope has a good strength to weight ratio and ease of handling, resulting in a much lower risk of injury.

Although advantageous, a major weakness of fiber rope is poor resistance to external abuse and abrasion through everyday operations and poor surface contact. Abrasion continues to be one of the most common root causes of rope failure and reduction in its residual strength.

marine mooring chock

It is impossible for the synthetic rope to perform to its maximum capabilities when used with poorly maintained deck equipment, often rusted or with a rough surface finish. Rope manufacturers recommend surfaces are correctly prepared, maintained and routinely inspected before and after rope installation. A 300-microinch (7.62-microns) finish is recommended for all deck hardware which comes into contact with the rope, in addition to the avoidance of chocks heavily scored from previous wire rope use.

The YSmarines marine mooring chock is said to provide vessels with the ability to be moored with greater safety, performance, and efficiency.

The marine mooring technology is said to provide vessels with the ability to be moored with greater safety, performance and efficiency, offering multiple benefits. The marine mooring chock is versatile and capable of being fitted to brand new vessels and retro fitted to existing chocks and Panama fairleads with no hot works or dry docking required.

Increased safety is a feature of the marine mooring chock which reduces rope wear and abrasion, reducing the risk of breaking or failure. There is also no need for crew members to be near mooring lines under tension, as minimal (if any) chafe protection is required following the installation of the new system.

The marine mooring chock’s smooth surface and finish and its material characteristics provide better equalization of mooring loads, especially when in the high swell. The self-lubricating, low friction marine mooring chock material requires little or no maintenance and no painting, coating or external protection. Corrosion-resistant materials technology is featured on the new system, providing protection against the arduous environments faced in the global maritime industry.

Custom manufactured from initial chemistry to end product, the marine mooring chock is available for use on all chock and vessel sizes. Developed to optimize and enhance vessel moorings, much of the advantages derived from the unique materials technology developed through over 20 years of field experience in design, testing and material selection with fiber ropes.

panama chock

The featured materials technology in YSmarines marine mooring chocks allows for the accommodation of HMPE fiber rope with a lower risk of abrasion and wear when in contact with the Panama chock. The marine mooring chock is also suitable for polyester/polypropylene, polyester and nylon ropes, as required for FLNG, FSRU and STS where a specific synthetic pennant may pass through the fairlead. In all cases, due care and attention are required in relation to the loads involved, chock designs and rope sizes.

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