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11 декабря 2020 г. 09:21

Web Guiding System Used For High-Efficiency Mask Machine

The mask machine is used to produce various masks with certain filtering performance through a series of processes including hot pressing, folding and forming, ultrasonic welding, waste removal, ear belt and nose strip welding of multi-layer non-woven fabric. In the production of masks, multiple layers of materials must be neatly bonded together, otherwise, waster or even jams will occur. The web guiding system can achieve multi-layer material alignment, no waste in the refueling process and the jam never occur. The web guide is a selectable position controller for tracking the edge of the material or printing lines for high-accuracy swing.

web guiding for mask machine

How does the web guide machine work

The web guide machine is a position deviation control of the thin material during the conveying process by the motor at a constant speed. If the winding speed of the material needs to be changed, the correction speed cannot be changed, which will easily lead to the phenomenon that the curling cannot be corrected. And the microcomputer photoelectric deviation correction web guiding system can meet customers' needs.

The web guide can be used in flat mask machines. The system includes a computer-controlled photoelectric correction controller, color discrimination tracking photoelectric, ball screw, and synchronous motor. The MCU control used by the computer-controlled photoelectric correction system has a frequency conversion output, which can adjust the motor speed according to the needs. The structure is simple, easy to operate, convenient and practical in production.

1. Track the edge of the substrate, correct the unevenness of the substrate when winding.

2. Track the edge of the substrate to keep the coating material equidistant from the edge.

3. According to roll speeds of different materials, the correction speed can be adjusted to keep balance with it.

web guiding system

Characteristics of the web guiding system

1. Driven by brushless servo motor, maintenance-free

2. Precision ball screw

3. The length and span of the guide roller can be customized

4. The material which most difficult to detect, can also be easily controlled.

7. The tracking speed can be adjusted arbitrarily without changing the size of the belt shaft.

8. Feedback function of the semi-fast voltage and electric current, can automatically restore and protect the internal circuit system, with good stability and quick action response.

High-performance Arise web guiding system for mask machine

Arise is an audited, leading web guiding system manufacturer in China with a professional R & D team. Using the high precision web guiding equipment supplied by Arise, can ensure continuous and accurate edge position control of multi-layer non-woven fabric in various production processes and make mask machine runs normally at full speed.

web guide certifications

For more professional knowledge about web guiding system, please visit the page of web guiding articles.

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