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11 декабря 2020 г. 09:18

Why Should Choose Web Guide System

Coil materials refer to long-sized continuous materials such as paper, film, sheet, non-woven fabric, metal foil, silk, thread, etc. In the process of uncoiling, technological processing, winding, etc, deviation of the coil materials may occur, due to the deviation of the coil itself or the processing machine. The web guiding control system provides a solution to reduce the occurrence of such situations. The system always tracks the position of the coil material during the production and makes corrections in real time. It can ensure and improve the quality and efficiency of production.

edge position controller

Working principle of web guiding

The web guiding is to guide the sensor to emit infrared or ultrasonic to monitor the operation of the coil material and send a signal to the controller. After that the controller finds that the web has a positional deviation, according to the preset command by the controller, the controller controls the drive system to swing to correct the web position.

The web guide system uses brushless DC servo motor drive, precision ball screw driv with, compact structure, good mechanical rigidity, low inertia, suitable for high-speed and high-precision web guiding.

The system is composed of a controller, a sensor, an electric driver, and a correction guide mechanism. The sensor detects the edge position of the coil material and reads the deviation between the actual position and the set position, converting the deviation into a voltage signal proportional to it. Then sends this signal to the controller. After the signal is amplified and calibrated by the controller, the signal is output to the electric driver, and the electric driver drives the guide mechanism to perform correction actions according to the magnitude of the input signal to guide the coil material to the preset position.

Working principle of web edge guiding system

Technical parameters of the web guiding system

1. Support three working methods of line tracking, edge tracking, centering tracking, etc

2. Support photoelectric sensor, ultrasonic sensor, CCD sensor

3. Automatic detection of sensor parameters, no need to calibrate the sensor in most environments

4. Automatic stroke measurement without mechanical limit switch

5. Ultra-high speed response speed with 500 microseconds (0.5 milliseconds)

6. The DC servo motor drives the ball screw

7. Store 10 groups of different material parameters, convenient and fast to switch materials

8. Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/English three-language menu operation

9. Humanized operation, quick and easy

10. Support PLC/human-machine interface networking control

Main applications of the web guide system

The web guide system has been widely used in the applications of various industries and it is essential in industries such as packaging, printing, labels, building materials, paper pulp, metal processing, non-woven fabrics, corrugated paper processing, etc.

Tire rubber industry: molding machine, carcass cord, laminating drum common template correction, inner liner pre-correction, film blowing machine, industrial belt laminating machine.

web guiding system applications

Packaging, printing and paper industries: satellite web printing machine, bump plate printing press machine, inspection machine, slitting rewinder, coating machine, etc.

Battery industry: lithium battery coating machine, lithium battery slitting machine, lithium battery rolling die machine, battery stacking machine.

Web guide system expert - Arise

Arise is a professional web guide system manufacturer in China and Arise web guiding can ensure continuous, precise control of various coil materials in various production processes. With the high-performance automatic Arise web guide control system, it can ensure that the material will not deviate from the correct position and reduce the waste, downtime to a minimum.

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