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11 декабря 2020 г. 08:49

Why Should Choose Arise Web Guide For Mask Machine

The writer comes to the "Shenzhen International Mask and Protective&Material Exhibition", which is held these days, and felt the popularity of this machine on the spot! When visiting the exhibition, the writer finds that basically every mask machine manufacturer’s supporting Arise web guide. After checking the data, it was learned that a total of 28 mask machine manufacturers participated in the exhibition, and 38 mask machines were exhibited, of which 26 were using Arise products, and 35 mask machines were equipped with Arise web guide. A total of 122 Arise web guides were installed, and Arise web guide accounted for 92.3% of the total exhibition site!

Shenzhen international mask and protective material exhibition

It’s the sudden outbreak of the epidemic this year has brought huge challenges and opportunities to many industries. The sanitary protection materials that were originally low-key and unconcerned suddenly became "the pride of heaven". "One mask is hard to find" has left a very deep impression on everyone! The prices of non-woven fabrics, meltblown fabrics and other mask raw materials have skyrocketed. The phenomenon of having money but not stocks makes raw materials extremely precious. Production costs and labor costs have risen straightly by several times! At this time, a key accessory on the mask machine has attracted everyone's attention-the web guide.

The thickness of the mask is usually three layers, five layers, etc. If such a multi-layer material is slightly uneven in the production, the edges will easily cause waste during synthesis! The web guide, as the name implies, is to correct the misalignment. Under the current situation of the skyrocketing price of mask raw materials, a little bit of material is particularly precious. At this time, the full application of the web guide system on the mask machine is extremely urgent.


After careful, meticulous, and rigorous market research, the web guide system and web tension control system developed by a company called Chongqing Arise Technology Co., Ltd. have been recognized by the majority of mask machine manufacturers in the market and have been widely used in mask machines.

Arise web guiding system

The production of masks involves raw materials, equipment, labor and other aspects, including multiple steps from raw materials to non-woven fabrics to disinfection and analysis of finished products. During the epidemic, the supply of masks was severely in short supply, and people were panicked. The shortage of raw materials and production equipment became the key factor restricting the output of masks at that time! It is reported that the price of meltblown non-woven fabrics increased by more than 60% at that time, and factors such as difficulty in resuming labor shortages and logistics costs also led to a sharp increase in the production cost of masks.

However, the writer found that after the mask machine was equipped with an Arise mask web guide machine, the material loss and shortage of manpower in the mask production ushered in a huge improvement.

Without a web guide machine:

1. The edges of the coil are not aligned, the melt-blown cloth material is wasted, and the production is stopped then debug

2. Multi-layer material bonding problems affect production

3. One person can only operate one machine

Other issues affect production efficiency...

With an integrated web guide machine:

1. Using 940nm infrared emission tube and imported silicon photocell to accurately detect the deviation of melt-blown cloth, the servo motor drives the ball screw to precisely adjust the material deviation

2. Solve the problem of material waste and multilayer material bonding in mask production through photoelectric technology

3. Reduce the waste of mask melt-blown cloth by about 30%

4. The production speed of masks is doubled

5. Significantly reduce labor costs: from one person operating one machine to one person operating 4 machines

6. The pass rate of masks has risen sharply

7. The web guiding machine adopts full touch screen operation, simple and easy to use

8. The operation interface contains languages of 8 countries, with a user-friendly design

9. Track and correct the marking line or edge of the material to ensure neat winding and slitting

For more detailed information, please visit the page of Arise web guide news.

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