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12 февраля 2020 г. 09:52

everything you should learn about TINVO wire straightening machine

Rebar Wire Rod Straightening Machine

The wire speed of wire straightening machine is adjustable, the maximum speed is 150 meters/minute; Straightening, shearing and other parts are stable, safe and reliable;

The entire rebar steel straightening and cutting machine includes a straightening section, a shearing device, a silo, and an automatic console.

straightening and cutting machine is equipped with a 5.5KW servo motor and a cycloidal pin reducer to drive the fly shearing work. The motor control method is a servo controller, so the cutoff machine acts with high speed and low loss, when the wire speed reaches 180m/min, the cutting machine can also complete the cuts.


Wire wheel Diameter: 5-16mm

Diameter and numbers of Straightening wheel: 1500-9000mm

Straightening speed: 0-150m/min

Main motor: Speed motor 15kw,22kw

The motor of shearing machine: servo motor 5.5kw

CNC Straightening and Cutting Machine

GT4-14 steel bar straightening and cutting machine has the functions of presetting, automatic counting and stopping, steel guiding. Compared with other manufacturers' similar products, the straightening frame of GT4-14 adopts the hot rolling process, which has the features of beautiful appearance, strong rigidity, good straightening effect. The hydraulic system is simple and reliable, with no oil leakage.

The Advantages of steel bar straightening and cutting machine

The microcomputer control, automatic straightening, automatic length, cut off automatically

More batch input length and quantity at the same time, the computer storage memory

Hydraulic cutting, more accurate, quieter

Lower noise, more stable, save electricity, easy to transport

Smooth operation, low fault rate and easy maintenance, cheap accessories

For more detailed information, please visit the product page of TINVO straightening and cutting machine

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