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28.07.2021 12:16

When the composite packaging film is produced, the composite method can be divided into extrusion composite, dry composite, wet composite, solventless composite. The most used methods are dry composite and solvent-free composite. What are the differences between the dry composite and solvent-free composite, and can be used for which type of packaging respectively?

Composite Method And Applications

Solvent-free Composite

The solvent-free composite film is different from dry composites that do not use organic solvents, which not only avoids the environmental pollution caused by organic solvents volatilization, but also does not require dry operating work segments, directly reducing production costs, and eliminating the influence of solvent and high temperature drying on the composite substrate, so that the size of


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28.07.2021 10:06

In recent years, with the increasing environmental protection awareness, solvent-free laminating adhesives are more widely used in the flexible packaging industry. This article will introduce the advantages, problems and development trends of solventless adhesives..

Advantages Of Solventless Adhesives

1.Environmentally friendly

Solvent-free laminating composite adopts solventless adhesive, which will not volatilize VOCs nor produce any irritating odor. It solves the problem of residual solvents in the packaging, eliminating the erosion of the organic solvent on the printing ink, can also achieve cleaning production, conducive to environmental protection.

2. Energy saving


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16.07.2021 12:57

The demand for the mask has a rapid growth in recent years, especially after the outbreak of the epidemic and the mask machine becomes important for satisfying the growing need for the mask.

The commonly used accessories of mask machines include magnetic powder brake, air shaft, servo all-in-one web guide system, servo web tension control system, safety chuck, etc.

Magnetic powder brake

The magnetic powder brake is a novel transmission element, adopting powder as the medium, magnetic particle chain formed to transmit torque when energized, which is mainly composed of inner rotor, outer rotor, magnetic coil and magnetic powder. When the coil is not powered, the active rotor rotates. Due to the centrifugal force, the magnetic powder is smashed on the inner wall of the active rotor, and there is no contact between the magnetic powder and the driven rotor. After the DC power is turned


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16.07.2021 07:27

The web guide system is mainly applied to the lateral deviation control of the coil materials, which can control various reel materials on a production line. The automatic web guide system is simple to operate, easy to install and has fast response speed, strong anti-interference, high-precision web guiding.

The coils are on a long and fast production line, as the speed, tensile, the nonuniform material thickness and all kinds of mechanical damage, resulting in moving and unidirectional deviation, causing the machining operation of the middle section not easy to cooperate, resulting in the loss of many materials and the difficulty of subsequent processing. The automatic web guiding system can solve these problems, which can always keep the edge postilion of the web always be neat and consistent. Web guide control can make steel, corrugated paper, textile, printing, labeling, non-woven fabric processing


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06.07.2021 13:20

Tungsten carbide plates, also known as carbide strips or carbide sheets. They have shapes of rectangular and square. The main alloy ingredients of cemented carbide plates are WC and CO. They have extremely high hardness, wear resistance, high elastic modulus, good chemical stability, etc.

Wide Applications Of Tungsten Carbide Plates

The carbide plates have a high-pressure strength, high impact toughness, low expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity and electric conduction are similar to iron and its alloys. tungsten carbide plate is an excellent material for making high-temperature resistance parts, wear-resistant parts, anti-shielding parts, corrosion-resistant parts, suitable for making cast iron rolls and shaping cutter for high-nickel-red rolls, applied for silicon steel sheets, cold-rolled plates, production of wire drawing dies, wear-resistant parts, stamping parts, carbide automatic press mold cores, topping


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06.07.2021 12:19

The tungsten carbide blades and tips which are made of cemented carbide as the raw materials through fine finishing can be used as an industry blade, with excellent performance including high hardness, wear resistance, toughness and good corrosion resistance.

Advantages Of Tungsten Carbide Blades

1. The hardness is extremely high, up to Moh's hardness of 8.9-9.1, which is 10 times higher than the hardness of 18K gold. The high hardness makes carbide blades have good wear resistance, not easy to appear scratches and deformation.

2.It has high brightness like a mirror, with highly polished, fully glow in the color and light like the gemstone.

3.The corrosion resistance of tungsten carbide blades is good. It does not change color, no rust, and


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06.07.2021 11:01

Regardless of iron, aluminum or steel, the blades will cut them into the desired shapes when machining. The tungsten carbide blades are made of cemented carbide as the basic materials which is an alloy material hard made with hard compounds of refractory metals and bind metal through the powder metallurgy process.

Material Performance Of Tungsten Carbide Used As Blades

The tungsten carbide blade, also known as carbide tips, mainly adopts the overall hard alloy as the matrix and it is fine finished through various kinds of production processes. Carbide blades have extremely high hardness and high strength, excellent high wear resistance, high elastic modulus.

The tungsten carbide is distinguished according to the grain size, which can be divided into ordinary type, fine grain, sub-fine grain, ultra-fine grain, newly launched double-grain. According to the


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30.06.2021 13:37

Solventless adhesive adopts a solvent-free adhesive composite film to reduce energy consumption and comprehensive production costs, improving productivity and quality.

The solvent-free adhesive is a viscous material and two separate materials are connected together by means of its viscosity, a viscous liquid shape at normal temperatures, such as an epoxy resin. It is one of the most important auxiliary materials. Due to the solvent-free, it is beneficial to protecting the environment and cleaning products, is extremely widely applied in the flexible packaging industry.

Solvent-free adhesives are commonly used in solventless composite processes, which is of great significance for promoting and adopting solvent-free composite technology. It can solve the problems of different composite structural materials in a flexible packaging company. Frequent cleaning mixers and


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29.06.2021 07:21

The solventless machine is widely used for flexible packaging industry with good performance, green environmentally friendly, low energy consumption, no residual solvent and high precise coating.

Now Sinstar has several series of solventless laminating machines, including the series of WRJSi9, WRJi9, WRJFi9, SIL90, WRJSLi5, C180, E280, S380. Compared with the single station solventless laminating machine, the double station type mainly has the following advantages.


On June 8, 2021, Sinstar has launched a new product - three-layer solventless laminator and machine model is WRJSi9.

Three-layer composite machines, as the name implies is a solventless machine realizing one-time composite forming of three-layer materials. In recent years, there is a high-speed development for solventless


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25.06.2021 11:57

The solventless machine adopts a method that can composite two or more substrates by using solvent-free adhesives. The solventless laminating machine has a wide application with the advantages of environmental, hygiene, and high efficiency, especially used for the packaging industry of the food and the drug.

Development Of Solventless Laminating Machine

In 1974, the German company adopts the single component solventless-free adhesive in industrial production, marking the formal promotion of solvent-free composite.

In the 1980s, there was rapid development in developed countries such as Europe and the United States.

At the end of the 1990s, Japan gradually began to play an important to no solvent composite and had


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