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10 декабря 2021 г. 12:08

What does it feel like to have h...

It's easy to see how the prevalence of hemorrhoids is large and easy to produce in the body of the 20-40 year old group, especially when sitting down for a long time, during pregnancy and pregnant women are the key targets of hemorrhoids, whose typical symptoms are bleeding stools and anal pain. In order to reduce the risk of hemorrhoids, you need to take good care of your anal position.

What does it feel like to have hemorrhoids?

The excessive protrusion under the colon and the anus, which produces physiological hypertrophy and its movement, can cause various discomforts in the anus, such as anal cramps and pains and bleeding, partial itching and prolapse, etc. This is called hemorrhoids. The initial stage of hemorrhoids will occur painless bleeding in the stool, rubbing a leg of blood on the stool paper, dripping or bubbling blood in the stool; when the nucleus of hemorrhoids is prolapsed, anal discomfort, pain and pain and its pain and anal itching can occur. The initial and minor hemorrhoids can be treated in a conservative manner, such as external rubbing medicine, tub baths or oral medicine, etc., as long as the disease can be 痔瘡保險包唔包 without surgery. If conservative treatment has no real effect and the disease is getting worse and becoming embedded, then surgery is required.

How to prevent hemorrhoids?

1. Maintain proper fitness exercise

Not to maintain the same posture for a long time, especially for a long time sitting down, standing and working groups with little exercise intensity, usually should participate in more exercise, such as brisk walking, cycling, playing basketball or aerobic combat gymnastics, etc. Persistently do anal exercise, the actual way is to collect the abdominal belt and slow breathing, in addition to lifting up the anus, each time about 3 ~ 5 minutes, that can enhance the whole body blood circulation system, promote the digestive tract intestinal peristalsis, at the same time can also reduce pelvic congestion, reduce hemorrhoid venous flow back to the problem.

2、Scheduled bowel movements

Cultivate the good habit of defecating on time, the length of squatting on the toilet should not be too long. If squatting in the toilet for more than three minutes still no bowel movement. Need to immediately stand up to terminate defecation. Do not use too much force to defecate, otherwise it will damage the anus, and gradually improve the energy of defecation. When defecating, you should pay attention to the whole thing, not to look at the cell phone or read a book or newspaper. Each time after the clean defecation intentionally do anal retraction posture, can improve the role of expansion, reduce fatigue. After defecation to go over to the back scrub, clean up with warm water, pay attention to part of the cleanup and dryness.

3, it is advisable to eat more dietary fiber ingredients

Usually drink more water, it is advisable to eat more dietary fiber ingredients, such as broccoli broccoli cabbage, black sesame powder and its pure honey, etc., can enhance the excretion volume, promote digestive intestinal peristalsis, try to avoid eating or do not eat spicy food containing stimulating food.

4, to prevent the body too fatigue

The body is overworked and often stay up late can cause hemorrhoids, usually should pay attention to a reasonable schedule, reduce sedentary time, prevent often stay up late and overworked.

5, do the anal finger examination on time

Despite the embarrassment of anal finger examination, but also can not be abandoned, can detect a variety of variant diseases such as anal and colon degeneration, to see if there is suffering from anal disease, pelvic tumor, prostate disease and pelvic bone fracture. The actual fact is that you will need to work closely with your physician to get the best treatment.

Warm reminder

Once the above symptoms occur, you need to go to the hospital immediately to have a checkup to see if it is hemorrhoids or not. It's worth noting that hemorrhoids are easily confused with rectal cancer, which has the same condition of bleeding stools. Patients with bleeding stools, whether or not they have hemorrhoids, need to have a colonoscopy on time to be able to deal with hidden lesions in a timely manner. If there is a sudden increase in the frequency of daily bowel movements, a narrowing or flattening of the stool, mucus in the stool, or a paroxysmal vague or severe pain in the right lower abdomen, there is no need to hesitate to have a checkup at the first opportunity.

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