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20 августа 2021 г. 13:49

How to lose weight fastest witho...

There is a golden rule for weight loss: "Ingest less calories than you consume." In other words, if you want to lose weight, you must reduce calorie intake or increase basal metabolism. Exercise is to enhance basal metabolism and lose weight. Without exercise, you can find other ways to enhance metabolism, or reduce calorie intake through diet. Diet weight loss is a way to achieve rapid weight loss by controlling the intake of calories in the diet. The 健身教練課程 person needs to consume 1500-2000 calories a day for basic metabolism. If you want to lose weight, your calorie intake must be lower than this value. The principle of dieting is "eating three meals as little as possible, with or without dinner", and no special exercise is required. Attention! Diet to lose weight, due to reduced food intake and vigorous aerobic exercise, it is easy to cause hypoglycemia.

Recommended diet recipes Breakfast: 1 corn cob, 200ml yogurt, 1 hard-boiled egg; Lunch: 1 bowl of rice porridge, 100g boiled green leafy vegetables, 1 apple; Dinner: 1 cucumber, 100g boiled green leafy vegetables; weight base Larger people who are just starting to lose weight can't do the strict diets above, don't need to force them, only need less than the calories 快速懶人減肥法 by the basal metabolism. The healthiest way to lose weight in the afternoon is to eat nothing but water after 2pm. This method of weight loss mainly uses the pre-fasting period to prolong the action time of lean hormones to achieve the goal of weight loss. You don't need special exercise to lose weight. In simple terms, this method is to eat breakfast and lunch normally, not dinner. During the implementation of the no-eating weight loss method, you must have a regular work and rest time, and ensure that you go to bed before 21:00, so as to reduce the impact of long-term fasting on your health. Fruit meal weight loss method refers to eating only fruits during weight loss, not eating other foods, because fruits are rich in nutrients, eating fruits in just a few days will not cause malnutrition. Eat fruit meal to lose weight, you can mix a variety of fruits, fruit salad, you can only eat a single fruit to lose weight. Generally speaking, eating a fruit can help you lose weight faster.

The more common fruit weight loss methods are: apple three-day weight loss, banana weight loss, tomato weight loss, cucumber egg weight loss, lemon weight loss and so on. The principle of Apple's three-day diet is to use the astringent effect of tannins to clean the intestines and excrete wastes in the body. In addition, the water-soluble plant fiber in apples can also stimulate intestinal peristalsis and promote excretion. This method lasts for 3 days and can lose weight without exercise. Eat 6-8 apples a day, you can eat it hungry, you can also eat according to the meal time, just be careful not to eat 4 hours before going to bed. You can drink water freely during weight loss. Taking a bath is the most comfortable way to lose weight. 4. When you take a bath with hot water, you will sweat, which will not only wash away the dirt on the cortex, but also discharge the residual waste and excess water accumulated in the body with the sweat. On the one hand, it can eliminate edema, on the other hand, it can promote metabolism and become easy to lose weight. When taking a hot bath, blood circulation is accelerated, which can promote fat burning. The bath weight loss method should control the water temperature at 39°C, not lower than 38°C, and control the bath time at about 20 minutes each time. If the water temperature is too low, the weight loss effect will be greatly reduced if the time is too short. In order to enhance the weight loss effect, you can also massage in the places where there are more fat accumulations in the body to promote fat burning. Note: patients with high blood pressure should not take a bath to lose weight.

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