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25.02.2022 05:47
1. First measure your own forehead (many people) with the infrared thermometer, then measure the same position of the person being measured, and then measure many times.

Note that the distance is as consistent as possible, the recommended distance (2-5 cm), and the position is as consistent as possible. Here, you can first use a glass thermometer to record the body temperature in agreement with the infrared thermometer.

For example, measure the forehead, measure the forehead, braun forehead thermometer do not measure different places. In order to measure the exposed position, you need to remove the hat or scarf for a period of time before the measurement. 


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11.02.2022 12:34

How do sensitive muscles repair the skin barrier? There are many 皮膚敏感急救 who want to know this question. Sensitive skin is a very common skin problem, we all know that people can have many types of skin, any skin can have sensitive skin, which can cause redness and roughness, is susceptible to environmental factors, seasonal changes and Irritant from facial care products and may accompany systemic skin sensitivity. So how do sensitive muscles repair the skin barrier? Let's take a look at the introduction below.

How Sensitive Muscles Repair the Skin Barrier

First, stop disrupting the skin barrier. When the skin barrier of sensitive muscles is damaged, it is necessary to stop the behavior of damaging the skin barrier in time. Sensitive muscles are mostly caused by frequent skin-barrier disruptions, which mainly include over-cleansing the skin and using


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13.01.2022 17:44

With the development of enterprises tend to cause the size of the enterprise is also growing, a wide range of human resources expense management system enterprise management system is not specific, human resources management can not be carried out, so the enterprise must be fixed asset management system, cloud na fixed asset management system for the enterprise what advantages it has? Defects of not using the fixed financial investment system.

1, the asset allocation is not reasonable, the asset purchase risky, the accounts are not clear, put unused and consumption is common

2, the problem of inconsistent accounts of fixed assets is significant, mainly in the form of inconsistent accounts, inconsistent accounts, fixed assets loss is more serious

3, lack of awareness, asset handling is not standardized, such as fixed asset removal is not immediately,


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28.12.2021 13:05

Picking up the mobile phone camera, I don’t know where to start, but there are 嬰兒攝影 want to take good-looking photos for the baby. This is for us to take a lot of good-looking photos for the baby company. This is an important problem. Today, the editor will teach you several research methods like these. With these skills and methods, our teachers can take good-looking photos of babies.

In fact, our parents don't have to be too deliberate when taking pictures of their children, and they can live a little bit more. Because in our daily life, it’s not difficult to find that many of our parents teach their babies to pose when taking pictures of their babies, and make them laugh. Although the photos taken in this way are good-looking, they will be It seems a little deliberate. In fact, in daily life, babies have a lot of cute expressions. You can record these seemingly inadvertent moments. When you wait for many years, when your baby grows up, look at these photos. A particularly


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10.12.2021 13:08

It's easy to see how the prevalence of hemorrhoids is large and easy to produce in the body of the 20-40 year old group, especially when sitting down for a long time, during pregnancy and pregnant women are the key targets of hemorrhoids, whose typical symptoms are bleeding stools and anal pain. In order to reduce the risk of hemorrhoids, you need to take good care of your anal position.

What does it feel like to have hemorrhoids?

The excessive protrusion under the colon and the anus, which produces physiological hypertrophy and its movement, can cause various discomforts in the anus, such as anal cramps and pains and bleeding, partial itching and prolapse, etc. This is called hemorrhoids. The initial stage of hemorrhoids will occur painless bleeding in the stool, rubbing a leg of blood on the stool paper, dripping or bubbling blood in the stool when the nucleus of hemorrhoids is prolapsed, anal discomfort, pain and pain


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20.08.2021 13:49

There is a golden rule for weight loss: "Ingest less calories than you consume." In other words, if you want to lose weight, you must reduce calorie intake or increase basal metabolism. Exercise is to enhance basal metabolism and lose weight. Without exercise, you can find other ways to enhance metabolism, or reduce calorie intake through diet. Diet weight loss is a way to achieve rapid weight loss by controlling the intake of calories in the diet. The 健身教練課程 person needs to consume 1500-2000 calories a day for basic metabolism. If you want to lose weight, your calorie intake must be lower than this value. The principle of dieting is "eating three meals as little as possible, with or without dinner", and no special exercise is required. Attention! Diet to lose weight, due to reduced food intake and vigorous aerobic exercise, it is easy to cause hypoglycemia.

Recommended diet recipes Breakfast: 1 corn cob, 200ml yogurt, 1 hard-boiled egg Lunch: 1 bowl of rice


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