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18 марта 2021 г. 07:55

The difference between roller cycle couplings

1The double-row roller cycle adopts the chain specific in GB1243. 1-83 "Short Torque Precision Roller Chain for Transmission".
2The kind and size of base hole keyway meet to be able to GB / T3582-1997, and also the shell structure, size could selecte as requirements
3Advantages: basic structure, easy assembly and also disassembly, idle motion exsit whenever reversed, and not worthy of reverse transmission with great impact load. Roller string coupling brief introduction:

It really is composed of two 50 percent couplings and connected by sprocket meshing through a common roller chain. General roller chain couplings are usually: GL roller chain couplings, KC sprocket (chain) couplings, nylon cycle couplings, silent chain couplings etc ..

The difference between roller cycle couplings is whether we have a cover on the in the garden. If have, while it really is beautiful, also play any role in protecting your safety of workers. When the chain breaks down unintentionally, it can play some cushioning effect, thereby lowering injuries.

Its low charge, low requirements for set up accuracy, and certain flexibility of relative displacement reimbursement. Which makes it easy assembly and installation, light-weight and reliable work.

Along with the roller chain coupling has a simple structure, consisting of only four parts: a couple shafts, a chain, plus a casing. For general sprockets, the scale of the chain is actually 4 points, 5 points, 6 points, 8 details, 1 inch, 1 inch including a half, 1 inch 6TH, 2 inches, 2 inches plus a half, and 3 inches wide.

Roller chain couplings might be applied to the shafting tranny of agricultural machinery, mining, chemical, engineering, textile, mild industry, lifting and transportation machinery. No matter the particular environment is humid, dusty, and also high temperature.

Here would be the disadvantages

1must need some sort of protective cover

2 Top notch lubrication conditions. If it's not well lubricated, will effortless to break, which can cause the machine to end working and become dangerous. Therefore, it is better to equip that has a protective cover. Of program, it can be omitted that the speed is not large.

Foshan Houzhe Transmission Products Co.,Ltd. was started in 2002, the company's headquarters and factory is found in Dali town,which is recognized as the "Guang fo Gold Corridor", only 30 minutes in the airport by car, its extra convenient for transportation as well as marketing. In addition on the factory, we also developed a branch in Shanghai as well as operating in good affliction. Our factory covers a location of 2000 square meters. At present, there tend to be than 50 sets particular manufacturing and testing products with an annual output in excess of 1 million universal couplings, our business scope covering greater than 100 countries and districts domestic and abroad.

I am a company integrating UR & D, produce, revenue and service, we target the R & VE HAD and design of physical transmission equipment. We have absolutely advantages in this industry. Our product having higher precision than community level, and the accuracy may be reached 0. 001mm, while other small factories can not compare with us. We already has our own brand "HZCD".
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