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18 марта 2021 г. 07:42

indoor playground equipment and outdoor fitness equipment

We're a professional manufacturer around outdoor playground equipment, indoor playground equipment and outdoor fitness equipment. We are one in the pioneer companies awarded the new NSCC certificate and the primary small play equipment manufacturing certified company. Wande Group will be first company among the industry to become approved by the The german language TUV Rhine company GS certification and ASTMF1487 certification typical. Each Wande outdoor gym equipment is designed and developed to withstand the harshest situations. Our outdoor fitness equipment and joints exercise equipment have been installed with over 20 countries, around the world and in every possible climate condition. Installing outdoor exercise equipment can provide an backyard gym experience in parks, classes, senior centers, colleges, fitness trails, correction yards, and military fitness centers. Recommendations: put the feet to the pedal, grip the handle, do reciprocating motion. This equipment refers to all ages except for children and elderly people. Outdoor Ski Exercise Machines Home fitness equipment For Adults



Functions: Enhanced lower limb mobility along with the coordination between hand as well as foot; also improve hip’s freedom.




Warning: Users should exercise in accordance with their fitness level.


Stop using equipment you're any discomfort. For scientifically unfit person, please seek doctor’s advice before while using equipment. 1. Metal segments:

Post: Galvanized steel Φ114mm/Φ48mm/38mm/32mm*2. 5mm/2. 0mm in addition to painted with non-toxic electrostatic fresh paint, free of lead along with cadmium, 100% safe for health and the environment.

2. Platform/Stepped-ladder: PVC coatedOne-year Zero cost warranty and lifetime preservation

 During the year, because of natural damage, which appear in the using process and is not maliciously man-made destruction.

Our company will present the corresponding components no cost;

Beyond one year, to get replaced parts, components must charge at cost.

Mentioned: All the fees of freight are developing buyer's account.

1. Where is the best production base?

Our production base is found in the city Nanjing, which includes convenient transportation, pleasant landscapes.


2. Do you provide freight service?

Yes, many of us offer to quote your freight with preferential premiums or, if you opt for, we also can use the service of your current preference.


3. What is the expected useful life of your respective products and which kind of maintenance do you require?

The useful life regarding our products is calculated in a minimum of 5 years. The maintenance they might require is minimal: it is recommended evaluate bimonthly that all parts are tight understanding that no piece of hardware should be used.



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