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18 марта 2021 г. 07:26

AT100100 X-ray Baggage scanner can be a new

AT100100 Top quality Dual Energy Security X-ray Appliance and Baggage & Essentials Scanner -

Biggest Manufacturer with CE, FCC, FDA approved

AT100100 X-ray Baggage scanner can be a new type of stability inspection equipment that employs X-ray to penetrate plus check baggage and shipment without unpacking examination. It truly is applicable for security bank checks on briefcases, parcels, sole mail, hand luggage, and small parcels in federal government agencies, transportation, logistics, legal courts, procuratorate, prisons, embassies, plant life, schools, hospitals, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, and entertainment locations etc.

AT100100 belongs into the “X-Ray Luggae Scanner” product family, which are devised for the security inspection in the big baggage, luggage plus cargo etc.

Very popular model and another star of the big x-ray luggage slide scanners.

It’s widely used while in the airport, logistics, subways, bus section, hotels etc.
Safeway Inspection System Limited(Safeway System), proven in 2008, formerly known as Shenzhen Security Electronics Machines Co. Ltd. (Secu Scan), is the largest manufacturer of x-ray luggage scanners in China, which may have the widest product line of and anti-explosive security gadgets. X Ray Baggage Reader Manufacturer

Currently, we get 1000 employees, 5 R&D competitors, including 11 Doctors and also 46 masters. We have developed many number of products by ourselves like: X Ray Scanning Devices, Metal Detector, Explosive plus Narcotics Detector, Dangerous The liquid Scanner, Vehicle Inspection Devices. We have more as compared with 35 models of security products with our own patents and copyrights. Within 2016, we developed the full product line of Linux process based x-ray baggage pictures, being the first a single in China which will produce high quality Linux program x-ray scanners. Meanwhile, we’re making efforts to supply a complete range connected with advanced vehicle X-ray scanning systems suitable for ports, borders and homeland reliability. Our products have been shipped to more than 1, 000 agents around 30 countries from the world, which covers numerous industries like public commuter, airport, critical infrastructure, vents and borders, hotels, buying malls etc.
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