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18 февраля 2021 г. 13:35

Tainuo is devoted to providing clients with demanding professional

Melamine is surely an industrial chemical; a white crystalline powder consisting of nitrogen, carbon and hydrogen.

Most melamine can be used as a starting product with the manufacture of adhesives and resins that are used in woodbased cells, laminate floors and attractive surfaces for furniture. It's also present in thermoset plastics, flame retardants and lots of other products.

Molecular method: C3N6H6. C3N3 (NH2)3 Pounds: 126. 12


CAS Zero.:108-78-1 EINECS No:203-615-4


Actual capability: White crystal powder, innoxious, flavorless.


Relative density: 1570kg/m3


Burning point: It be melt less than 354℃ under ordinary demand.


Sublimation temperature: 300℃


Dissolvability: It may dissolve in carbinol, formaldehyde, acetic acid, hot glycol, glycerin, pyridine; them lightly dissolve in water, ethanol; it cannot break up aether, benzene, and co2 tetrachloride. Its water solution presents alkalescence.


Chemical Power: Melamine presents alkalescence, can react with various acidums to make melamine salt. In strong acid or strong alkali liquor, melamine will hydrolyze---amidocyanogen will probably be slowly replaced by hydroxyl, hence generate cyanuric acid diacid amide, cyanuric acidity monamide, and cyanuric plaque created by sugar. Among them, the reaction of melamine and formalin is the most important part.

Packaging: The online weight has 25kg, 500kg, and also 1000kg.

Weifang Taino Element Co.,Ltd. is situated the "world kite capital" - Weifang, adjacent to Jiaoji Railway towards the south, near to State Road 309 and QingYin Expressway towards north. It has great strategic location along with convenient traffic conditions. The company is established by the professional team from ex - Shandong Kuixing and committed to the development of green environmental friendly products.

Since long we are focusing on research, advancement and management of melamine and also its surrounding industrial string, with our clients in your country and also distributing across Southeast Asia, The european union, the Middle East, Africa and various regions. Taino has become a robust supplier and exporter regarding melamine and its linked products in China, counting on stable quality and outstanding service.

Weifang Tainuo may be the leading service provider plus supplier in market involving melamine, hexamethylol melamine, urea, phenolic resin, urea formaldehyde resin as well as other fields. We also sustain long-term cooperation with well-known home scientific research institutes. Tainuo is devoted to providing clients with demanding professional product solutions and improving after-sales service.



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