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18 февраля 2021 г. 13:14

high brightness

Facts of DC12V Silim Super Brightness 2835 Led Backlight Module


 1)select in addition to use TOP quanlity 2835led nick source, without spot, lower light decay, good persistence for backlight module

 2)Products having low power consumption, higher brightness, long life, higher power 1. 5w, maintenance-free

 3)The shell consists of injection molding technology, attractive appearance, good cooling result

 4)IP68 waterproof rating upwards above, this is benefit specification.

5)Low voltage insight, safe and reliable(DC12V)

 6)Cold white/red/blue/green/yellow single color

 7)Module 20 units as a string, LED string and hybrid circuit with a single module can often be cuted

 Application scenario

 1)Advertising indications, illuminqted signs, slim boxes, plastic characters. Etc

 QUEEN: Which led chips widely-used in this type module?

SOME SORT OF: 60Lumen 0. 5W SMD 2835 used in this type

 Q: What length with the cable for this variety module?

A: normally 14cm length between two modules, but we could make any length as clients request.

Q: How many quantities module in one string?

A: 20Pcs & 52 pcs in normally. can also make the quantity since clients request, but largest quantity is 50 pcs.

Q: How long may i get the sample?

A NEW: need 3-5days to send out sample.

Q: Do you've MOQ limit for buy?

A: Not limit this MOQ. just depend upon clients demand.


Operating current: 60mA,

Power: 0. 72W

 Settings: 80-120LM

 Small luminous turn into, high brightness, fast heating dissipation, zero luminous rot away at 1000H; luminous decay a lot less than 5% at 2000H.

In theory, the angle is 180 degrees, but the actual angle is greater than 150 degrees.

Connecting cable: 1217 tinned copper cable, 1. 85mm outer diameter,

Cable length: 10cm.

Installment matters: The power cord is associated with the loop, acid magnifying glaas glue is strictly prohibited, and non-waterproof products should be protected against water.


QUEEN: Which led chips are utilized in this type module?

A NEW: 20Lumen SMD 5054 used in this type

 Q: What length on the cable for this variety module?

A: normally 8cm duration between two modules, but we could make any length because clients request.

Q: What number of quantities module in a single string?

A: 20Pcs & 60 pcs in normally. may also make the quantity seeing that clients request, but most significant quantity is 50 pcs.

Q: How long may i get the sample?

THE: need 3-5days to deliver sample.

 https://www.huayoungled.com/LED-Backlight-Module-pl3283643.html] https://www.huayoungled.com/LED-Backlight-Module-pl3283643.html[/url] 


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