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7 февраля 2021 г. 11:20

telescopic very easy joints

telescopic very easy joints usually with 2 bottle joints with bearings or needle bearings together with a sliding splined centre section to allow adjustment between two the whole length. Length adjustment should be produced statically without torque load.

Why we call the idea telescoping cv joint, since its length can flexible, same as a telescopic, therefore some customer call the idea adjustable felxible universal shared for cardan shaft or extendable universal joint. Shape feature:

1. It works for the transmission with the axis angle β<45°of both the axis

 2. connect more longer shaft space

 3 OR MORE. Finished product hole tolerance H7, keyway, hexagonal ditch and square hole might order as requirement.

SOME. installation length L and also X:

X≤(Lmax-2. L2-B)/2

 Lmin≥(Lmax+2. L2)/2 Lmin=L2+B+X+L2

 Designated as: WSP-3GA-Y20-Y20-550/650

 WSP-3G: specification and item no

 Y20: generating end hole style in addition to size

 Y20: driven stop hole style and dimensions

 550/650: installation Lmin/Lmax

 Let see drawings belonging to the extendable universal joint

 You can easlily offer many different sizing even 1 inch widespread joint or as customers' requirement. customzied universal jont.


leveling machine,

woodworking equipment,

packing machine

 Glass machines, etc.

How to choose the right coupling:


If you have numerous hole and size from the size chat, we can also make same as customer’s necessitie, such as parallel pins, keyway、hexagon target square hole。

 1. Influenced by mechanical requirements, such as transmission torque, stiffness prerequisites, vibration, impact, acid as well as alkali corrosion resistance, tranny accuracy.

2. If possess different torque and target, pls offer design mapping plus sample, with accept modify, no matter is rapid release or with flange as well as needle bearing type.

THREE. The universal coupling is usually widely used in an array of general mechanical because connected with its large deviation position and high transmission torque.

FIVE. Coupling usually have those people type: universal type, very fast type, micro type, extendable type, large torque common coupling etc.

Foshan Houzhe Transmission Equipment Co.,Ltd. has been founded in 2002, the company's headquarters and factory is located in Dali town,which is recognized as the "Guang fo Wonderful Corridor", only 30 minutes from the airport by car, its additional convenient for transportation in addition to marketing. In addition towards the factory, we also build a branch in Shanghai plus operating in good condition. Our factory covers an area of 2000 square yards. At present, there tend to be than 50 sets specialized manufacturing and testing products with an annual output above 1 million universal couplings, our business scope covering more than 100 countries and districts domestic and abroad.


I am a company integrating UR & D, produce, income and service, we look into the R & D and design of kinetic transmission equipment. We have absolutely advantages in the industry. Our product with higher precision than industry level, and the accuracy may be reached 0. 001mm, while other small factories can not compare with us. We already has our very own brand "HZCD".




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