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7 февраля 2021 г. 10:36

As a world leading professional brake elements

As a world leading professional brake elements manufacturer, Winhere produces a lot more than 55 million units of brake discs and TWELVE million sets of brake pads annually for OEM in addition to IAM.


96%+ car parc insurance policy coverage of brake discs and brake pads at a to Z for together passenger cars and financial vehicles.


IATF16949, ISO14001, ISO45001, ECE R90, CNAS certificated.


Country's Green Manufacturer and China’s Champ Enterprise awarded by M. MY SPOUSE AND I. I. T. and D. F. I. E.


Countrywide Standard of “Brake Disk for Automobile” GB/T 34422-2017 is usually led by National High quality Supervision and Inspection Heart for automobile parts, Winhere could be the responsible drafting company because of this national standard.


Oiled brake discPainted brake discDrilled brake discSlotted

 Brake Dvds Features:


•Equivalent to OE pattern


Smooth and quick stop




Low noise, low dust


Optimal thermal efficiency


Brake Pads Features:


Substantial performance


Long-life service




Lower noise, low dust


Enviromentally friendly friendly

 100% critical volume, runout and DTV examination


Material physical and chemical inspection


Test shear durability, compressibility, density, flatness along with parallelism


Test performance and also noise/NVH

 Advanced foundry equipment as well as professional R&D teams supply a solid foundation for the high quality and supply of flat iron castings.


Winhere foundry workshops were created and constructed to embrace the idea of environment protection. Foundry conveniences incorporating world-class medium-frequency induction furnaces, computerized molding lines, sand therapy systems and core generating equipment are employed that will significantly reduce energy ingestion and CO₂ emission.

Winhere is satisfied only if our customers are pleased. Under the instruction associated with Winhere philosophies, "Quality, Lean and Environment", we can provide high-quality automotive brake goods for global OE as well as aftermarket customers.


 With OE market, Winhere has established long-term cooperative relationships and participated in the coordinative development of braking system with FAW-Hongqi, General Magnetic generators, Great Wall Motors, Geely Vehicle, BYD Auto, Zhengzhou Car, and other automobile suppliers. Winhere's R&D, quality control and stable supply are well recognized by customers.


 While in the aftermarket, Winhere has the international top auto parts customer base that can bring significant business growth.


 In terms of logistics, Winhere has set up long-term strategic partnerships using world-renowned sea, land, as well as air logistics companies, and established overseas distribution centers throughout Chicago and Toronto to ensure the on-time delivery.



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