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7 февраля 2021 г. 10:30

Big gest Vendor with CE, FCC

AT100100 Excellent Dual Energy Security X-ray Unit and Baggage & Suitcases Scanner -

 Big gest Vendor with CE, FCC, FDA authorised AT100100 X-ray Baggage scanner is really a new type of stability inspection equipment that purposes X-ray to penetrate plus check baggage and consignments without unpacking examination. It truly is applicable for security assessments on briefcases, parcels, sole mail, hand luggage, in addition to small parcels in authorities agencies, transportation, logistics, tennis courts, procuratorate, prisons, embassies, crops, schools, hospitals, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, and entertainment sites etc.


AT100100 belongs towards the Windows product family, and that is totally designed and manufacturer by our very own company. Every year, we invest a large number of labors and resources in the introduction of new technology and products. We own all your copyrights and patents, through the outlook design to the actual software. Safeway system is the market leader and one of many very few companies in China who are able to creat the new things rather than COPY.

Product highlights

 Multilingual operations

 Automatic built in check and self diagnosis

 Safe access Key

 Uninterruptable energy supply (UPS)

 Threat tell and material classification

 Auto archiving


 Energy salvaging design

 One key turn off

 Drugs and explosives examination

 Indication of the night out and time

 baggage table

 X Ray Baggage Reader Manufacturer


Currently, we include 1000 employees, 5 R&D groups, including 11 Doctors as well as 46 masters. We have developed many series of products by ourselves like: X Ray Scanning Methods, Metal Detector, Explosive and Narcotics Detector, Dangerous Fresh Scanner, Vehicle Inspection Programs. We have more as compared to 35 models of security products with our personal patents and copyrights. Throughout 2016, we developed the full product line of Linux system based x-ray baggage slide scanners, being the first just one in China which can easily produce high quality Linux technique x-ray scanners. Meanwhile, we’re making efforts to produce a complete range regarding advanced vehicle X-ray scanning systems suited to ports, borders and homeland safety.



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