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7 февраля 2021 г. 11:18

Pods have come far away since first introduced

Pods have come far away since first introduced with the JUUL back in 2015. While still fitting the final definition of what a new pod vape is, today’s devices have pushed things forward on features and capabilities.


A pod vape in 2020 will belong in a number of of these categories:


Common pod system: a modest button or draw-activated vape of which takes replaceable pods.

Pod AIO: a new compact all-in-one device that will takes pods with replaceable coils.

Pod mod: a usually larger pod-based vape which includes a fully-suited chipset and filter. Most pod mods will also be AIOs, as they require replaceable coils.

A standard pod system is usually further sorted into 2 categories: refillable and pre-filled. Each style comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. When purchasing a pod process, it ultimately comes as a result of personal preference.


Refillable pod devices:  give you more freedom with regards to flavor. Also known because open-system vapes, these devices utilize empty pods which can be manually filled by the consumer. The main advantage to them is that you've got a wider range of flavors available.

Pre-filled pod systems:  also referred to as or closed system vapes, these vapes use pods that come pre-filled with e-liquid—think analysts as JUUL alternatives. Their main advantage just isn't having the complications of choosing your e-liquid and having that will fill them yourself.

Concerning Masonvap

 Masonvap is a reliable manufacturer in Shenzhen, Offshore, has been concentrating about OEM and ODM assistance of e-cigarette products.


Masonvap is definitely named after Free-Mason, which is an organization in the 18th century in great britain. Free-Mason means "Free Stoneman", When people take reason as being a yardstick, with morality as being a tool, constantly revise their very own mental defects, and in due course improve themselves, so will certainly complete the construction associated with "The Inner Temple", and become the ideal mentor "masonry". Being a member on the Electronic cigarette industry, we also carry the spirit with the Free-Mason, keep on invention, continuously develop new patents, build manufacture system with higher standard than the industry, produce better quality products, and become the leader of this industry.

Smokers that prefer to quit appreciate their easy design and satisfying approach to delivering nicotine. They also take pleasure in the cigarette-like draw of small pod systems, and that experts claim they can use nicotine salt juice to meet their cravings.



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