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7 февраля 2021 г. 10:05

When using the spirit of innovation

When using the spirit of innovation, GENSYU techniacl staff constantly makes new design which follows the require of recent market. The planning of" Scoopless” follows an easy concept with key includes "Rationing Dosage", "High-efficiency", "Hygiene". The main design is the cap having a rationing groove which functions as being a drawer. As a result of this brilliant design, there is no use of scoop at all, that will avoid exposure and contaminants of contents when people use whenever.
1. Why Choose Gensyu? 1/Are everyone a factory or dealing company?
A: We are a factory, we have rich practical knowledge for producing Sports Eating plan Packaging & Cosmetic Packaging for much more than ten years.

COUPLE OF. What’s your mainly product or service?

A: Plastic Bottle (From 8oz for you to 100oz) with Chrome, Soft-touch, Higher Glossy UV and Co2 Fiber. Customized Size as well as Surface Treatment are welcomed.

3. Can you present the samples?

A: Sure. Free samples will be wanted to you for quality viewing.

4. What’s your positive aspects in Sports Nutrition Appearance?

A: Manufacturer & Stock trading Combo -More than 15 years’ experience in Molding & Activities Nutrition Industry. -Have our personal design department -Cooperate using Top-Brands in US Marketplace -Fast Delivery & Shipment Date: Two warehouses in Usa.

5. How is your factory doing the high quality Control?

A: 2-3 Inspectors will probably be check the product twice times during each delivering process.

6. Can I complete a small order?

A: Indeed. Small orders are simplified.

If you have some other question, please feel free to contact us.
Shanghai Gensyu Packaging International Trade company positioned in Songjiang District, Shanghai, Tiongkok. And our factory is situated in Jiangsu Province having approximately 200 staff.

Manufacturing with a commitment to quality in addition to compliance, Gensyu-packaging has earned a leadership position within the dietary supplement packaging marketplace. We have abounding practical knowledge of supplying high-quality, modern, cost-effective and safe packaging to customers in many countries.


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