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7 февраля 2021 г. 09:34

Nearly all piezos have two internet connections

Nearly all piezos have two internet connections, but this type includes three. They are labeled self drive types, and they're meant to be used factored in the oscillator.


The piezo consequence works both ways: if you apply a voltage the piezo stretches, but furthermore if it stretches the item creates a voltage. This principle is required to create a feedback signal which drives the particular oscillator.


The advantage from the self drive is who's will automagically work at its resonance frequency, in which it produces the loudest sound.

Murata is active in R&D of new electronic components, seeking infinite possibilities with ceramic materials.

Especially, as a pioneer in the introduction of piezoelectric ceramics, Murata has met the needs from the

 technical revolution in electronics with original products. Each of our ceramic resonators (CERALOCK®), ceramic filters

 (CERAFIL®), piezo sound components and various ultrasonic transducers have contributed towards

 development of electronics. The "Piezoelectric sound components" introduced herein work on an innovative principle working with natural oscillation of piezoelectric ceramics. These days, piezoelectric sound components widely-used in many ways including home appliances, OA machines, audio equipment telephones, and so on. And they are put on widely, for example, in alarms, speakers, telephone ring tones, receivers, transmitters,

beep noises, etc. This manual is perfect for customers to use piezoelectric sound components efficiently sufficient reason for no trouble. It is recommended the manual be read while looking at the catalog

 MAS6240 may be a piezo driver IC built to create a multi-tone sound determined by a charge pump technological innovation. It is a high efficiency, easy to use and low priced IC perfect for power driven equipment or other low voltage applications where a high sound pressure is needed.


MAS6240 can drive outputs up to 18 VP-P from solitary 3 V supply voltage. An input voltage amplification factor is often selected as 1, Two or tree. The output can often be single mode or differential method.


The inductorless design causes significantly less disturbance to the surrounding circuits, making it a perfect choice Heart rate Monitors along with other sensitive designs. Only four small benefit capacitors are needed as well as a sound element. The application of small capacitors also tends to make this solution more reliable when compared to an inductive solution with a heavy coil that can brake loose that the equipment is dropped.


MAS6240 will also be used in other applications. For example as a white LED driver. Together it can be connected to a piezo sounder from a differential output configuration.




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